What Business Lessons You Can Learn from Golf?


Golf remains a popular activity in the business world, and it’s on the course that many a deal has been made by the c-suite. But golf can do more than provide you with a setting to get to know your stakeholders; the game can also help you to hone the skills you need to succeed in business, from getting to know the course to focusing on the long term. We explore the business lessons you never thought you could learn from golf.

Lesson # 1 – It Pays to Know the Frontline

If you’re aware of what lies ahead, you’re more prepared to tackle it. In golf, on a familiar course, you know where the difficult patches are, as well as where the opportunities lie. In business, you can use research and insight o inform yourself about what lies ahead, so you’re able to prepare yourself and plan your strategies accordingly.

Lesson # 2 – Focusing on the Long-Term

It’s important to consistently remain focused and never take your eye off the prize. Golf and business play similarly together on this one – take your eye off the ball and its game over. Essentially, it’s important to look forward and stay focused, both physically and mentally in business to keep ahead of the game..

Lesson # 3 – You Need the Right Tools to do the Job

It’s essential to have the correct equipment to do the job. You wouldn’t choose the wrong club for the wrong putt, so why would you have the wrong resources for your business? Employees, business partners, software and equipment make up the essential foundations of your business, and getting them right is the crucial part.

Lesson # 4 – What You Get Out is What You Put In

If you work hard, practice your skills and refuse to give up, you can win at golf, and succeed in business. It’s a well-known fact that what you put in, you’ll get back out, which relates to both business and golf – they’re both games of success. The nature of golf is honesty, you score yourself and you’re the only person that knows if that ball moved before you hit it, this is equally as true in business.

Lesson # 5 – Be Values Driven

Your ethics remain an important thing, it’s easy to become greedy and dishonest in businesses and golf. Although we say it’s important to look forward, it’s also important not to get too ahead of yourself and still have balance – you’re playing for yourself, and nobody else. If you try and run before you can walk, you’ll fall. Essentially, in business, it’s important to do everything as ethically as possible to grow, fake followers will bring fake revenue.

Lesson # 6 – Don’t Forget to Enjoy The Game

It’s easy to get caught up in a game and forget why you started. Similarly, to business, you can very easily get caught up in everyday life and forget why you actually began this venture. Essentially, golf is a game you play to socialise, relax and enjoy. It’s essential you take these lessons and apply them to business. Although we can get caught up, it’s important to take time out and reflect on what you’ve achieved, and most importantly, enjoy the game.

Golf is an excellent pastime to help build teams, give you some peaceful time outdoors in which to think, and teach you the skills of business and life. You may not have realised it, but golf and business and similar games that aid each other.

The article was written in collaboration with Sally Raith-Riches, Group Director of Sales at The Foxhills Collection, a group of some of the UK’s leading luxury leisure resorts. Her wide range of knowledge has continued to grow at Foxhills, meeting the specific and varied requirements of members, hotel guests and corporate partners.

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