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E-commerce is the future of trading, but finding ways of creating a platform for people to advertise their products is increasingly becoming more and more difficult. When Joy Tang founded Mai (Markable AI), it was with the aim of establishing an equal conversation space between content platforms and e-commerce brands. We take a look at her work to see how she did it.

AI lies at the heart of so many modern businesses, and Mai is no exception. The firm uses its AI-based image and video content recognition and search technologies to achieve higher quality performance conversions for its demand-side clients. In short, the firm’s intelligence solution examines previous habits and offers advertising that meets the desires of the customer.

When Joy Tang started the business in 2017, it was based in the United States, but by 2016 the firm has started to take a hold in the Chinese market too. Joy’s background was as a Senior High Frequency Trading Strategist where she was able to take a lead on Machine Learning Trading Bots. This information provided the basis from which she was able to form Mai.

Over the years, Joy has been able to work alongside some of the leading computer vision scientists and engineers in the world, positioning her company at the forefront of a technological revolution. The success of the business is clear, and a credit to her work. At its heart is a believe that AI drives content realization, which empowers media and allows her to serve her clients.

The vision since the firm began has centred around creating a better advertising ecosystem. The relationship between content platforms and e-commerce platforms is often contentious, and the AI solutions offered by Mai opens the doors to new opportunities. The challenge of exposing advertisement space for content platforms, as well as the conversion bottleneck of performance advertising for e-commerce advertisers has been solved in one stroke. Instead of a static response, the systems that take on board what Mai has to offer become more convenient for customers and return in a more attentive online shopping experience.

The way in which Mai has been able to travel across borders is truly a credit to the team’s sterling efforts, and to Joy’s impressive leadership. Her forward-thinking approach has ensured that the firm has thrived in an constantly evolving industry.

For more information, please contact Joy Tang at www.markable.ai

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