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Established in 2008, Igloo Software was designed to be a solution that helped companies move beyond traditional intranets, instead embracing the world of inspiring digital destinations that improve communication, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and culture. In the thirteen years of business that Igloo Software has been going, the firm has built over ten thousand digital destinations for clients in more than eighty countries. The leadership provided by CEO Mike Gaburo has helped steer Igloo Software into a position of great success, and we now take the time to profile Mr Gaburo as CEO of the Year, 2020 – The USA.


2020 saw the world radically shift in terms of working environments. Businesses were forced to move things online and workforces had to adapt to working from home in areas where the impact of COVID-19 was most harshly felt. As a direct result of the working from home environment that was accelerated by the virus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns that followed around the world, organizations had to find a better way to work. That is where Igloo Software comes in. Igloo Software has always sought to move beyond the traditional confines of workspaces of today, instead choosing to build digital destinations where people can benefit from improvements to all current working relationships. Whether it be increased levels of communication, knowledge sharing, collaboration, or culture, Igloo Software does not just provide the technology, but it also offers best-in-class services and support to ensure success for every customer. In essence, Igloo Software helps organizations improve productivity and engagement by implementing secure and scalable digital workplace solutions that integrate with popular enterprise applications and tools.

There are three core aspects to the service provided by Igloo Software that matter most to the firm: collaboration, innovation, and achievement. Each of these areas represents a different area of focus for the team at Igloo Software. For instance, the collaboration focus ensures that everyone is working towards the same goal, and places great emphasis on the fact that everyone’s expertise and effort is appreciated. However, the focus on innovation means that Igloo Software is constantly improving its product and exploring new ways to solve its customers’ problems. Achievement is done collectively, and the firm supports its employees is reaching their goals alongside each other and the company. As important as it is for a firm to have excellent goals and a focus, leadership is another area in which Igloo Software excels.

Mike Gaburo is the CEO of Igloo Software, and he brings with him an abundance of executive leadership experience that is second to none. In his role as CEO, Mr Gaburo is responsible for every facet of the business, and his ability to deliver success across all of these facets is exceptional. With more than a quarter of a century of executive leadership experience, fifteen years of which has been spent leading software businesses, Mr Gaburo has a proven track record in delivering great results for customers, employees, and investors alike. Prior to joining up with the established team at Igloo Software, Mr Gaburo held another CEO role at payments fintech firm Brightwell. There, he led the transformation of the company’s product offering and a rejuvenation of its go-to-market efforts, resulting in a quadrupling of the firm’s  user base and revenue.

Having the right leadership at a firm is just as important as having the right software products and collective goals. Ensuring that everyone is focused on the company task at hand, Mr Gaburo has transformed Igloo Software into a corporate force, and one that is incredibly relevant now more than ever. With businesses seeking new and better ways of working, Igloo Software stands as a beacon of brilliance thanks to the tireless efforts of its outstanding CEO, Mr Mike Gaburo.

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