Planning Your Next Covid Friendly Workplace Event

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With these changing times, it’s more important now than ever to take precautions. Planning a workplace event will require greater thought and preparation to keep people safe. Putting safeguards in place will put employees at ease and minimize the likelihood of transmitting the virus.

Your gathering can be safe without compromising the premise or fun for the evening. In fact, thinking outside the box may lead you to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience that’s better than years past.

Use these five tips to host a COVID-19 friendly workplace event.


1. Make It Virtual

To host the safest workplace event, make it virtual. Using online video conference platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet, your company can virtually host its gatherings! These experiences are typically inexpensive and inclusive because anyone with a stable internet connection can participate.

If you decide to host the gathering at your business location, it’s possible to reduce the assembly size by asking speakers and entertainers to perform virtually. With a projector or large screen, you can enjoy their presence at the event without the risk of infection.


2. Keep Things Outdoors

If planning an in-person event, then consider organizing outdoor activities. By hosting the gathering outside, you can have a greater number of guests without risking infection. Fresh air moves constantly and disperses droplets that would otherwise hang in the air.

Remember to check your state’s requirements for establishing maximum occupancy at outdoor events. Try choosing entertainment that allows for social distancing, like a drive-in movie or concert. Plan activities that will urge people to keep moving rather than sitting in one place for an extended period.


3. Use Disposable Materials

To reduce the spread of germs, use disposable materials. Supply disposable plates and utensils that guests can throw away after use. Place trash bins throughout the location so they can discard their materials once they’ve finished.

If you decide to offer liquor pairings at the event, place the drinks in clear disposable cups. That way, guests can sample each food and beverage combination without reusing the same glass. Ask guests to throw away plates, cups, napkins and utensils immediately rather than leaving them sitting on a table.

Waitstaff should serve food and drink to limit the number of shared serving utensils. Ask each waitstaff member to wear a mask, wash their hands and use fresh gloves when interacting with guests.


4. Encourage Distance

Guests should follow CDC guidelines and maintain 6 feet of distance — even if they are wearing masks. Encourage distance and create space by placing tables at least 6 feet apart. Limit the number of chairs set at each table.

Place signs throughout the area, asking people to maintain social distance and keep their masks on when conversing. Choose activities that don’t require close contact when possible.


5. Disinfect Regularly

It’s crucial you regularly disinfect at the event. Wipe down tables and chairs. Provide hand sanitizer to guests and wipes in case they’d like to wipe down anything before sitting. Asks guests to stay home if they feel unwell or have come into contact with someone who had the virus in the last two weeks.


A Virus Shouldn’t Cramp Your Event

If this pandemic has taught the world anything, it’s to embrace the precious moments in life. Your workplace event can be a fun experience for employees when you implement safety precautions. Guests will love the excuse for a change of pace, and your get-together will raise everyone’s spirits. Don’t cancel or compromise — utilize these five tips instead!

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