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The hospitality industry has experienced a strange and transformative period since early 2020, with the repercussions set to alter operations within for good. As Jason Jefferys celebrates recognition as the Most Influential CEO 2021 of London, UK, he tells us about how he and his team at POS8 have brought his vision of reimagined mobile order and payment systems in hospitality and entertainment to life through FETCH.

Created by POS8, a UK based developer of ready-made interactive leisure and entertainment software, FETCH is the new mobile order and payment system that has been reimagined to give users a simple, efficient and contactless way to take orders and view vital customer insights in real time. Serving SMEs and franchises throughout the hospitality industry, FETCH is unmatched in its industry for its extensive capabilities that mean instant ordering powered by AppClips and Instant Apps is possible without needing to download an app or scan a QR code. Restaurants, bars, hotels, cafes, and even sport stadiums and events are now benefiting from the convenience of FETCH for both staff and customers.

The customisable app is easy to set up and use, and is suitable for use on smartphones, tablets, or a venue’s existing POS to receive orders. Users need only upload their menu, prices, timed offers and order prep times, and visitors have easy access to all the information and services they need on their own phone. However, while mobile order and payment systems are by no means a concept unique to POS8, FETCH is unique in its proprietary location technology that enables users to pinpoint guest’s location to an accuracy of 10cm. The advantages to this are numerous, not least because it eliminates the need for table numbers, thereby making the process of ordering even easier.

With constant innovation fuelling the development of FETCH, POS8 is set to fulfil its ambition of creating the leading on-premise mobile order and payment solution in the industry. It is Jason Jefferys, Co-Founder and CEO of POS8, who is responsible for this vision and the motivation of the POS8 team to pursue that ambition. Having worked with web and software application development since 1997, Jason is well-seasoned in his field and therefore well-placed to promote the budding start-up as it establishes itself in both the web development and hospitality industries. However, Jason recognises that it is his team who makes the realisation of his vision possible.

“Our staff play the most important part in the success of the business,” he tells us. “Our internal culture is to do whatever it takes to get the job done and there’s always a solution to any problem. We have tremendous support for each other and always try to communicate well.”

He continues, “I like to empower my team to reach their objectives and try and support them as much as I can. Over the years I have realised that you have to let people fail and not to be afraid to do so. Failure gives us valuable lessons and without failure you are not taking risks.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an equal mix of positive and negative impacts on FETCH, which has seen POS8 working at full capacity to continue on its upwards trajectory. While social distancing measures and hygiene protocols have accelerated the adoption of mobile order and payment solutions, the financial and social implications of the pandemic have meant that selling to hospitality venues that have been closed or do not have the means to invest in new tech has been difficult. As a result, POS8 introduced a business model in which its systems were provided in full for no cost, but with only a small transaction fee for all orders that go through FETCH.

As a start-up operating in an already trying period with ambitions for growth that are limited by business resources, it is smart and effective decisions such as these made by Jason and his team which are instrumental to the success of concepts like FETCH. Creative and efficient solutions mean that spending millions on development and advertising in the early stages of a launch is not necessary, saving energy and funds that can be invested into sustainable growth.

As such, 2021 is set to be an exciting year for POS8 as it looks to its product roadmap and rolls out its patent pending location technology. In the meantime, FETCH will be installed in several sports stadiums and hotels, entering new verticals alongside the core restaurants, bars and cafes that the firm has worked with up until this point. On a personal level, Jason feels optimistic about the future: “I’m excited to be leading a talented team and plan to scale the business exponentially over the next few years. I think it’s going to be a very exciting journey.”

For further information, please contact Jason Jefferys or visit www.fetchmyorder.com

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