Lighting Up the Traffic Industry

Traffic light

When driving in the United Kingdom, or most other places in the world, one of the most common things that is seen on the roads is traffic lights. That ever-present combination of green, red and amber lights has played a vital role in the lives of drivers everywhere, but there is one firm to thank for the abundance of safe traffic light systems on the road: SRL Traffic Systems. At the head of the firm is CEO Richard Tredwin, and we take a closer look at his excellence in this issue of CEO Monthly following his achievement of the title of CEO of the Year, 2020 – the United Kingdom.

SRL Traffic Systems Limited is home to the largest fleet of portable and temporary traffic signals available in the United Kingdom, and also provides equipment as an essential service across the country in a market with limited cyclability, underpinned by regulatory and safety requirements and multifaceted growth drivers. Today, the SRL Traffic Systems business comprises of four key divisions: equipment hire as a service, manufacturing / technical, Urban 64, and intelligent transport systems. Each division delivers something unique and exceptional to the business as a whole, but it is the oversight and leadership of CEO Richard Tredwin that has engineered such resounding and repeatable levels of success for SRL Traffic Systems.

For more than two and a half decades of his professional career, Mr Tredwin has served in a wide variety of leadership roles within a multitude of business both in the United Kingdom and further afield. Mr Tredwin’s previous roles include working as CEO, CFO, Company Sec., NED, Investor, and Shareholder within a number of different entrepreneurial, privately-owned and private equity-backed diverse business, with head offices and teams based all over the world. Mr Tredwin has proven throughout his professional career that he is more than capable of working with teams anywhere in the world, and his leadership style allows him to constantly generate success and value for the businesses he works for.

A commercially and operationally focused individual, Mr Tredwin brings a hands-on style of leadership to his work with his teams. Together alongside them, Mr Tredwin’s teams have always gone from strength to strength under his tutelage and guidance. In the years since first stepping into leadership, he has grown, acquired, and sold businesses, driven and managed change, led large-scale challenging business turnarounds, raised debt and equity, and much more whilst also optimising tax structures and delivering material value for company directors and shareholders alike. His demonstrable ability to influence at all levels brings confidence and capability to his teams, as well as strategic awareness, enthusiasm, and a resilient nature that is imbued with high moral integrity and loyalty.

In his role at SRL Traffic Systems, Mr Tredwin has ensured that his management and operation team adopt a very hands-on approach to running the business also. Their passion and commitment to the traffic management industry has made the firm what it is today, with 170 employees, 140 specialist vehicles, 29 strategic depots (UK and Republic of Ireland), future-proofed technology, and significant investment in quality, reliable, and easy to use products coupled with outstanding customer service. SRL Traffic Systems has been instrumental in shaping the portable traffic signal market in the United Kingdom. The team at SRL Traffic Systems brings knowledge and expertise to the business, and Mr Tredwin is a key part of that.

The success that SRL Traffic Systems has had, and continues to have, is built on a mix of reliable and quality products, and a great group of individuals spearheaded by a leader who is truly outstanding. With a point of contact conveniently located in the client’s region, there is always an SRL Traffic Systems expert on hand to help with any need when it arises. Mr Tredwin has cultivated the perfect atmosphere of success, and his vast wealth of experience will surely see SRL Traffic Systems hit even greater heights in the years to come.

Mr Tredwin, is very proud to see that SRL has just featured in the North West Insider Growth 100.

For more information, please contact Richard Tredwin at www.srl.co.uk

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