Issue 9 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 9 2023 21 women choose to use freezeframe in their skin care regimes. As a leader, Sonia prioritises embodying the values, behaviours and work ethics she expects from her team. She tries to create an environment where staff feel like a part of something big and important. Sonia is particularly passionate about staff caring for customers, as well as for each other. She thinks it is essential to encourage a conscious culture of kindness, respect and accountability. The way she describes this is as a culture of empathy and excellence, where everyone is held to high standards, not just in their tasks, but in how they treat one another. Of course, life is often filled with challenges, but recently Sonia has been faced with what amounted to the biggest of business problems she’s ever encountered in her 25-year long career in personal care. Following the tremendous growth of the company throughout Australia, leading to it becoming the foremost skincare brand (with numerous category leaders in its portfolio such as Australia’s number 1 selling eye cream for 4 years running) it was hit with the devastating impact of its freezeframe brand being counterfeited. The company had to navigate the awful effect of the counterfeit product entering the market in both China and Australia. Fortunately, the perpetrators were caught quickly, and legal proceedings shut them down. Litigation is never an ideal situation to be in, but unfortunately it was a necessary evil under the circumstances. One of the culprits escaped to China, where he had the nerve to continue conducting the illegal activity. Thankfully, the Chinese Police were supportive and were able to conduct raids that finally drew the proceedings to a welcome close. Prosecution swiftly followed by a prison sentence was delivered to the offender in China, but the legal proceedings are still continuing in Australia. Sonia is hopeful that justice will prevail soon, and that the legal system will clamp down on this repellent infringement of intellectual property rights. It was the biggest counterfeiting case ever seen in Australia, and although this is hardly the standout example of what the company wants to be known for, the manner in which Sonia fought for her rights, and defended the essential safety needs of her customers, certainly is something to be greatly admired. This awful and considerable challenge was the worst thing she has faced in 25 years of business within the personal care realm, and all done while she was diligently working to build and grow her brand. On a brighter note, Sonia has some very exciting news to share regarding the future 12 months. She tells us she has imminent plans to launch the freezeframe brand in the UK, which she considers to be a market culturally very similar to Australia, with shared values and a strong bond between the nations. Products will be initially available online via the brands dedicated website, and freezeframe is currently looking for retail partners to help it achieve its goal of empowering the women of the UK with the tools and confidence they need to feel happy and confident in their own skin. It is her intention to continue developing more life changing products, both in the personal care industry and through involvement in her other creative passion – film. Remember the name, because Sonia Amoroso is already about to embark on her second movie project! The first was when she came onboard as Executive Producer on the Australian movie Penguin Bloom. As with personal care, her central mission here is one of female empowerment, and so she looks forward to championing many more meaningful projects in the future. Jul23316 Company: Self Care Corporation Pty Ltd Web Address: Contact Name: Sonia Amoroso