Issue 9 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 9 2023 22 Physical and Virtual Reality: Better Together Created by a team of designers, engineers, scientists, and executives striving to solve significant challenges by integrating the digital and physical worlds, Geogram is a revolutionary spatial computing platform through which customers can visualise, collaborate, and work more creatively and efficiently. To this end, it uses computer vision and object recognition to create virtual 3D replicas, also known as digital twins, of real-life locations. Primarily, Geogram serves clients in the exhibitions and venues sectors. Professionals such as designers, planners, and venue managers can use the platform to visualise spaces, design layouts, and plan events. The platform also allows customers to observe user behaviour, improve efficiencies, deliver augmented reality wayfinding, and create interactive experiences for marketing purposes. Furthermore, the Geogram platform provides customers with access to comprehensive real-time location intelligence, supported by AIdriven analytics, automations, and collaboration tools. This enables them to digitally manage the physical world and its events. This means that, unlike its competitors, Geogram offers digital twins that are live and interactive. The company’s patented AI can identify, visualise, and track people and inventory in real time when they are captured at locations using a smartphone. Those who operate physical spaces gain the ability to monitor what’s happening at their venues at an incredible scale. They can also leverage this knowledge by using interactive tools to anticipate and fulfil the needs of those using the space, providing them with a highly personalised onsite experience. Geogram is headed by CEO Srinivas Krishna, an accomplished professional who has been helping media companies, publishers, marketers, and venues to transform events into experiences with AR and VR for over a decade. Srinivas graduated from university with qualifications in art and art history as well as film and cinematography. He went on to make films that premiered at Sundance and Cannes, before he was introduced to mobile AR in 2009 while making a television series for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. This inspired him to take hiscareer in a whole new direction, focusing on technology. He comments, “Pursuing a career as an innovator was the best decision I’ve ever made, because there is no end to problems that need solving, there is never a reason to stop.” As CEO of Geogram, Srinivas is responsible for setting the company’s vision and direction, developing strategies, raising funds, allocating resources, and leading execution to ensure the company’s continued success. At the helm of an early-stage, innovationdriven company, he also pays special attention to areas such as risk management, IP strategy, product-market fit, and company culture. The team at Geogram play a huge role in its overall success. For this reason, they are viewed and treated as its most valuable asset. Srinivas comments, “I make it a point to ensure that every employee understands how their job contributes to our collective success. While this may require my on-going engagement, it has resulted in very little employee churn and an internal culture that is collaborative, engaged, and prioritises customer and enduser success.” Leading a company that thrives on innovation, Srinivas believes that it is important to have a team with a variety of skills, experiences, and ideas. “As an individual, I am driven by creativity, integrity, and excellence, yet I tend to hire people whose core values may differ from mine but are nevertheless complementary,” Srinivas explains. “I’ve found this approach has made our company, with its diverse personalities, perspectives, and ways of doing things, greater than the sum of its parts. And this, interestingly, has contributed to our success.” As a result of his exceptional leadership of Geogram, we are delighted to award Srinivas Krishna the title of Most Influential CEO 2023 – Canada (Spatial Computing) in the Most Influential CEO Awards 2023. On the future of Geogram, Srinivas shares, “The next 12 months promises to be an exciting time for Geogram. We will be bringing to market the game-changing AI-driven products we developed during the Covid lockdowns. This gives us many opportunities to delight our customers and we’re looking forward to it.” Contact: Srinivas Krishna Company: Geogram Web Address: geogram Jun23316 Geogram is a cloud computing spatial interface that enables real-time multiuser collaboration within a virtual model of a location, from any device, from anywhere in the world. Initially created to solve problems faced when designing spatial experiences, the platform has since evolved to provide enormous value to customers in many industries. Here, we speak to Srinivas Krishna, Geogram’s accomplished Founder and CEO, who we have named Most Influential CEO 2023 – Canada (Spatial Computing).