Issue 9 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 9 2023 20 Empowering women with confidence through transformative skincare One of Australia’s leading cosmetic houses, Self Care Corporation boasts a portfolio of powerful brands, including the top selling phenomenon freezeframe. Founder and CEO Sonia Amoroso has recently been honoured with the award for Most Influential CEO 2023 - Australia (Beauty Care). With an EY Entrepreneur of the Year award already under her belt, we decided this was the perfect time to take a closer look at this dynamic entrepreneur and how her brands are changing lives for the better. Sonia Amoroso is the founder and CEO of Self Care Corporation, a business dedicated to empowering women with the confidence to live their best lives through scientifically backed skin, beauty and oral care treatments. Its award winning freezeframe brand provides alternatives to aesthetic surgeries and salon treatments that customers can use in the comfort of their own home, whilst clean beauty brand KEEP IT SIMPLE SKIN makes clinically effective, simplified skincare for sensitive skin and bodies. The portfolio also includes oral health brand alfree, which provides flavour free toothpaste to people with allergies and sensitivities. Sonia has a passion for solving problems by making clinical strength skin treatments accessible to all women. This is skincare made for women, by women, who truly understand how life changing a little extra confidence can be. Sonia’s passion is driven by the desire to help women feel better about themselves. She says that perceived imperfections or blemishes can sometimes cripple a woman’s self-confidence, so she is dedicated to finding solutions for women’s most frustrating beauty issues. Sometimes, the issue can seem insurmountable. Sonia recalls a letter from a customer who was undergoing radiation treatment for cancer and lost not only her hair, but her eyelashes too. She explained that she began using the freezeframe LASH PRESCRIPTION when she was at an all time low, but thanks to the product she soon found her lashes growing back faster than she thought possible. This gave her a new found confidence to face the world, and her treatment. Sonia explains that this customer, and every other woman who feels less than the goddess they are, are the reason for the company’s existence, and constitute its true mission. All of the company’s innovations are clinically proven to address targeted problems. That is why, at face value, it has a very unique product range. It includes treatments for specific signs of ageing on the face and eyes, pigmentation issues, body products designed to enhance the figure, alternatives to injectable treatments, and even products to help grow eyelashes and plump lips. Sonia is active in product development, in addition to still performing all the tasks one would traditionally expect from a person with CEO responsibilities in an organisation. She is the driving force behind the company’s NPD and also works as the Creative Director, taking a very hands-on approach to creating the firm’s marketing campaigns, right down to writing the copy for advertising and product packaging. A walking testimony to the efficacy of her products, Sonia is very much the face of the brand, and will regularly appear in advertorials and speak at both media and industry events. She champions the company’s core values of respect, customer care and its commitment to providing women with transformative, accessible solutions to their beauty problems. This is something that has been consistent right from the start when she established the company in 2008. The goal has always been to provide women with professional results that are achievable within the privacy of their own homes. This focus on results, and the unique problems it aims to solve, have been the cornerstone of Self Care Corporation’s success. Sonia strongly feels it is also the reason more than 1 million Jul23316 Established in 2008 by award-winning entrepreneur Sonia Amoroso, Self Care have fast become the recognised leaders in the development, distribution and marketing of high tech and clinical beauty products in Australia. Famous for building sales generating brands in record time, Sonia has been responsible for some of the most successful brands and advertising campaigns in Australian history. The Self Care portfolio is proving to be no exception. “ “