Issue 9 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 9 2023 19 Jun23591 Efficiency within companies and businesses alike has always been essential. And yet, with the direction in which our technological sphere is heading, the demand for streamlined automation, digitisation, and data usage services is ever increasing. For the past 17 years, Britenet has been providing such services. Equipped with a specialised team, spearheaded by its brilliant CEO Michal Borny, Britenet has placed itself at the forefront of innovation. Below, we venture into how Michal’s accomplishments have earned him the title of Most Influential CEO 2023 – Poland (Software Development). Forged from a union between former competitors, Britenet came to be in 2006 with one key mission in mind – to create something that would have a positive impact on the lives of a variety of people. Now heralded as one of Poland’s leading IT providers, Britenet embodies what 17 years of hard work and dedication can accomplish, despite its humble beginnings. What was once a small business operating from the attic of a block of flats in Warsaw has evolved into the catalyst for multinational companies to revolutionise their respective industries. Britenet’s guidance has garnered an impressive network of brilliance - one that is geared towards encouraging the flourishing of its clients and their customers alike. As expected of an incredibly skilled CEO, Michal has played a crucial role in securing the success of both Britenet and its operations. He’s responsible for implementing development strategies in an effective and concise manner, all whilst overseeing all operations in order to ensure that they’re functioning in conjunction with his ambitious vision. By combining the role of pioneer with the attitude of a visionary, Michal has managed to prepare for every eventuality. This serves to secure a sense of stability within Britenet, allowing it to deliver assurance to any who involve themselves with this spectacular organisation. Be it clients or employees, Michal guarantees continual support as a result of his attitude towards his role. At its core, Britenet is a company that seeks to bring growth to businesses across the world through a tight focus on innovation and support. By implementing and developing IT systems for its clients, it’s able to not only make their lives easier, but has the power to streamline the processes for its clients’ customers too. Michal sees Britenet as a companion to its clients, bringing them all of the necessary developments to help their collectives flourish in new and exciting ways. All the while, Britenet will be there to assist and support any who require it. The result is a cohesive development and growth strategy born from an ingenious digitisation process. Michal has always had Britenet’s intended impact in mind, and has never once faltered in ensuring that it meets his exceedingly high expectations. But how has Michal managed to expertly navigate the inner workings of multiple industries? By learning from a range of sectors, Michal has expertly moulded Britenet into a unique entity that has a variety of uses, no matter the client. This, combined with an implementation of emerging solutions within the IT industry, grants Michal the unique opportunity to utilise Britenet as a means to encourage continual growth within its clients. Whether it’s tackling the finance, banking, education, energy, or insurance sectors, Britenet displays an unrelenting determination to deliver on its promise of greatness. Of course, no organisation is able to shine without the tireless work of its internal collective, and nobody is more aware of this than Michal. As such, he’s constantly seeking new ways to enhance the inner workings of Britenet. Any growth is gradual, and is never implemented without the input of the staff that make up the organisation. Michal’s approach is wholly unique, encouraging involvement from directors, managers, leaders, and a variety of other employees alike to pave the best possible pathway towards the organisation’s success. This, combined with a union of responsibility and personalisation, puts Michal in a position to guide his team, whilst actively involving himself in their continued growth alongside Britenet. Following an extensive 17 years of being a part of the market, Britenet has coalesced a vast network of clients across the globe, each representing numerous industries. Whether it’s placed its focus on establishing competence centres for large multination companies from Israel, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, or approaching software development from an angle that companies have not yet previously experienced, Britenet has achieved excellence again and again under Michal’s guidance. In more current times, however, Britenet has initiated major collaborations with Kornit Digital and AerCap, among others. This truly showcases the versatility that Michal has tirelessly worked to cultivate within Britenet. As a direct result of its unrelenting flexibility, Britenet is able to deploy an individual approach that truly focuses on the specific needs of its clients. Whether this focuses on their goals, work standards, or expectations, Michal has prioritised developing the means for Britenet to deliver comprehensive support and services that make cooperation a natural part of the process. Despite the growth that Britenet has faced over the years, it has never once lost this quality, allowing it to differentiate itself from the competition. Michal has reinforced Britenet’s individuality again and again, making it a go-to for clients who are looking for a more personal solution to their needs. So far, Britenet has been an overwhelming success within the Polish IT market, so much so that it’s taking confident strides to firmly insert itself into international markets. Of course, despite these ambitious plans for the future, Michal has never lost sight of what Britenet was always meant to be – a trusted provider of IT solutions that doesn’t just support its customers, but the entire society in the surrounding digital world. By bringing together some of Poland’s most experienced industry specialists and guiding them towards the greatest versions of themselves, Michal has lifted Britenet to new heights, and we’re sure that it’ll continue to thrive under his watch. The future looks incredibly bright for Britenet. Michal’s genius continues to lend itself to the organisation’s success, placing it in a position to tackle any challenges that may come its way. Through his incredible insight and ability to predict various outcomes, Michal has granted Britenet the chance to excel again and again. As such, it seems only fitting to award him with the title of Most Influential CEO 2023 – Poland (Software Development). Michal Borny stands as an example of what can be accomplished, no matter how small your organisation may start. So long as you can see yourself succeeding, you will.