Issue 7 2022

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 7 2022 11 Mar22259 Iconic Marketing, Iconic Leadership Steve Pailthorpe, the current leader of Iconic Digital Marketing Consultants, has earned renown as the ‘Most Influential CEO’ in 2022 for London with his philanthropic behaviour and exemplary work in the marketing field. During the pandemic, this professional has been keen to help his peers through a time of tumult, and donated thousands of pounds worth of resources to struggling businesses in order to help them survive it. London based Iconic Digital Marketing Consultants has made itself a true friend to its peers over the time it has been in operation, especially so in the past few years since the start of the pandemic that has wracked the world’s economy. Critically, CEO Steve Pailthorpe has thrown himself into aiding such businesses in their pivot to fit themselves to the emerging new paradigm of remote enterprise. Therefore, since 2020, he has been writing a great number of business resources that have helped a countless number of professionals to take their businesses to the online arena and avoid stagnation as foot traffic and in-person retail came to a standstill. With books including ‘The Digital Revolution’ and ‘The Little Book of Twitter’, Steve and his company have been working hard to show the modern business world the importance of flexibility and a healthy, online, digital footprint, through which clients can understand who they are and what they do instantly. In this manner, Iconic Digital Marketing has been able to help many of its peers and professional partners continue to thrive even throughout a time of increased tumult and global stress – not just through its work in creating its dynamic and digital marketing strategies – but in being the support system its market needed. Additionally, its own client service has increased exponentially in renown as it has continued to gain traction in its sector. Producing the most effective, quantifiably results-yielding, and market-specific promotional materials, it has developed a worldwide client base that has benefitted from its ability to handle all aspects of online marketing. From SEO to PPC, marketing automation, social media, and content developing, its omni-channel digital strategy promises to help clients reach out to their end customers with the right message, at the right time. Iconic Digital Marketing Consultants can also handle web design, branding and creative design, lead tracking and AI software, CRM and database management, and so much more. Fundamentally, even through these services each cover wide areas of internal process, a client can rest assured that putting their faith in it is always the right choice, with this company’s talented and gifted staff showing their in-depth and detail oriented professional excellence in a reliable manner. It is the hope of Steve Pailthorpe and his team that they can continue to serve the market in this manner, with front-running digitization that gets them ready for the future, promising that its clients can count on it every step of the way. Company: Iconic Digital Marketing Consultants Contact: Steve Pailthorpe Website: Ap 560