Issue 7 2022

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 7 2022 12 The Three ‘T’s of Project Management Education Being a foremost and front-running IT and project management school, Three T Institute has become renowned in the educational sector for giving students ‘everything you need for a successful IT and project management career’. Run by Mahjooba Bianchi, the ‘Most Influential CEO’ in 2022 for Virginia in the USA, her business has helped thousands of learners to unlock their potential over 21 years of combined experience between the team, and she has great pride in everything that she and her students have been able to accomplish over the years. eing a womanowned and womanled company that thrives on making positive change in people’s lives, Three T Institute has built its renown on providing training and consultation services to the federal government, private organisations, and individual learners who come to it seeking better ways to approach IT and project management. The CEO and founder, Mahjooba Bianchi, has held down several senior and leadership roles in a wide variety of different companies, bringing something new and invaluable to each as she built her professional career in the handling of project logistics and administrational leadership. Having been a project manager for both Technatomy and ERPi, as well as a Chief Executive Officer for ADV consultants and a senior project manager for Inova Loudoun Hospital, she has put her credentials as a Master of Business Administration from Strayer University to good use throughout her career. Now, as the leader of Three T Institute, she uses her incredible levels of success to foster the same sort of success for other professionals. Nominally, her founding principles were ones of providing simple yet effective learning for her peers, allowing them access to ways to boost their careers and enhance their personal development in order to let them get to their next career milestones. Aiding each individual professional and her industry in the macro scale by ensuring that everyone has access to impeccable service, knowledge, and support through Three T Institute, she was able to hit the ground running with this business ins 2019, as many already knew her from her outstanding career of diligent, hardworking business management. So, why the ‘Three T’ Institute? Well, in essence, the name reflects the three pillars upon which the company has been built. Firstly, there is the pillar of technical knowledge: this handles the nitty gritty, the ins and outs of both project management as an applicable skill and informational technology as a field. The second pillar is that of soft skill, which speaks to a person’s ability to use their own talents, gifts, and energy to make a genuine connection with a team of people or a set of information, grounding the business management specific skills in with the personality that each student brings to the table. And, lastly, the third pillar is mindset. This speaks to a person’s own driving forces, their ambitions, and the attitude with which they approach their role. When all these things combine, they are sure to make an impeccably skilled and incredibly effective project manager or informational technology expert. Boasting a hybrid way of teaching that combines classroom and online learning experiences, Three T Institute has cut its teeth on creating educational services that bring excitement, motivation, and – eventually – career success. Indeed, Mahjooba Bianchi herself has funnelled significant effort into ensuring that each provider of such educational services within her company is a truly incredible teacher who deeply cares for their Apr22236 B learners and wishes to get to know each one of them on an in-depth and personal level. By doing this, the tutor in question can more effectively implement the kind of teaching that will stick with them for years to come. After all, one of the most important aspects of learning is the applicability of said learning. Thus, its service of the Northern Virginia area has involved bringing an incredible level of empathy and understanding with it to classroom environments both in person and using online learning tools, aiding each person who walks through its doors to obtain professional certifications. Such certifications can be of use in aiding employee retention, professional growth, and bolstering the proficiencies of the staff within an organisation, making it an exemplary way to share in a combined mission and vision. Moreover, it is never one to upsell a client on something they do not need, and will only ever be doing its best to help a client get the most out of its services; to this end, its free professional development