Issue 7 2022

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 7 2022 10 Leading The Path To Success When it comes to growth, the power of digital innovations cannot be underestimated. The team behind GrowthRocks understands this better than most, with their CEO, Theodore Moulos, leading the way when it comes to this innovative technology. Named by CEO Monthly as one of our Most Influential CEO, 2022 - the United Kingdom, we thought it appropriate to dig a little deeper to uncover some of the secrets of Theodore’s incredible success. acking new ways of achieving growth is the aim of any company, but few do so with such panache as the team behind GrowthRocks. Under the capable leadership of Theodore Moulos, this intrepid business has helped many organisations to thrive. Driven by data, their marketing exploits have achieved incredible success across the industry. At the heart of this success is Mr Moulos, a man who started his career in a much more technical fashion. Having studied Psychology, Accounting, Computer Science, and Management, he proved a capable CTO. His real passion, however, was for building products as opposed to building companies. Through GrowthRocks, he combines the two and he not only oversees the expansion of a multi-venture empire – that he calls a “micro-monopoly” but assists others to thrive in challenging times. With so many organisations looking for ways of expanding, the team has been able to work alongside a range of customers including B2B, B2C, Info products, SaaS, Marketplaces, and eCommerce. Their market is international, allowing GrowthRocks an incredible growth potential. Since opening their doors, Mr Moulos has insisted his team focus on ensuring that everyone of their interactions is transparent and agile. The ability to deliver truthful support as well as adapting to changing circumstances has been invaluable to the team. The last few years have been difficult for many businesses, but Mr Moulos has been determined to lead by example. When he tells his clients, they need to be agile, he knows his business model must be agile too. As such he moved GrowthRocks from a firm which was “digital-first” to one which is “digital only”. This shift has empowered the team as it is now 100% remote, able to act quickly to support clients on a professional and personal level. During the pandemic, the team were able to transform numerous crisis points into moments of opportunity for their clients. When looking at the future, we thought it appropriate to ask Mr Moulos his perspective directly. “We see a financial recession coming,” he explains. “As per macroeconomic scientists, it will be a long one, not a V sharp one – a short one lasting 3-4 months. That means that companies will need to survive, work with no new capital, and change their valuations, as well as their expectations.” The challenge for businesses, therefore, will be to engage customers and use inbound marketing to ensure that they survive these turbulent times. GrowthRocks is ideally positioned to help, with their ability to support clients to deliver their services and products at previously unprecedented speeds. Looking ahead personally, Mr Moulos has set his sights on the creation of a proprietary internal growth machine. He knows that for his company to scale efficiently, his teammust continually calibrate their approach, focusing on standardization of services, productization of services, own ventures (self-sustainable startups) and the creation of peripheral revenue streams. The latter has been achieved at GrowthRocks through the creation of,,, and and many more not all starting with the word growth. As ever, nothing the team offers is ever proposed without the GrowthRocks team doing so themselves. When the team at GrowthRocks do something, they know it will work because they’ve done it themselves. Given their tenancy to exploit any possible potential and try new things, it is clear that Mr Moulos’ determination has been a critical factor in the continued success of the company. Counting already 3 exits, we cannot wait to see what he does next. Company: GrowthRocks Ltd. Email: [email protected] Web Address: May22272 H