Issue 4 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 4 2021 11 , Mar21005 Millbrook Healthcare : Supporting the NHS to Support Patients Made up of four companies that provide products and services to support the health and social care infrastructure in the UK, Millbrook Healthcare Group was founded in 1995. Since this beginning, its services have experienced heavy demand, propelling the company into further growth when it became the leading provider of community equipment services, home improvement agency services, wheelchair and mobility aids, and care technology. Its services are used by the NHS and other social care groups, and it has developed a high standard of excellence over the course of working with these bodies. This allows it to ensure it can always respond to the needs of its service users. Millbrook Healthcare is committed to giving such users the support they need to continue living in the comfort of their own home, championing working care into their home life and ensuring it fits the individual instead of moving them away from home care. Its specialisms also include outsourced clinical wheelchair services. One of its acquisitions, Consolor, was bought in 2018 to allow Millbrook Healthcare to provide yet more specialist services; this time Run by influential CEO Phillip Campling, MillbrookHealthcare Group reflects on its past operations and the acquisition that changed everything. We caught up with the CEO himself to find out what has made the company pull ahead of the competition so dramatically. seating users who require complex posture support. Its most recent acquisition, however, was Ross Care. This merger has allowed Millbrook Healthcare’s services to be brought to a wider user base by allowing further expansion into the North of England with wheelchair repair services. All told, the business has an excellent turnover rate that exceeds over £155 million, with a huge team of 1200 colleagues across 45 centres. This impressive expansion has allowed it to improve the quality of home care for many more users, as the decisions of the CEO have aided in further supporting the services that seek to provide this care. Starting out as a family run company in the 1940s, the current CEO Phillip Campling joined Millbrook Healthcare in 2008 as managing director. He aided in the building of the company under the previous owner, Colin Croll, and took over as CEO after Millbrook Healthcare was acquired by Cairngorm Capital in 2019 when the family decided to sell all its shares. The sale was directly followed by a boom in investment growth for its services and systems; but one of the most notable priorities was Millbrook Healthcare turning its focus towards developing its teams. Further building upon one of its founding pillars, the concept of a good team making a good company, it sought to further encourage the following code: care and respect for colleagues and service users, accountability and pride, a readiness to learn, a dedication to enhancing the lives of others, and a commitment to being socially responsible, ethical, and transparent. In putting significantly more effort into this, it fundamentally strengthened its foundations, allowing it to fortify its position in the industry as its team upskilled and developed. This also facilitated the permeation of its core vision throughout the entire company. Namely, enhancing the health and wellbeing of the communities it serves with empathic, advanced and effective care solutions. Yes, its services are purchased by health and social care bodies, but the most important person in this transaction is the end user receiving the product or service. When he joined the company, Phillip Campling began setting it on the path to diversifying its services and supply chains. Now, as CEO, he retains his emphasis on ensuring that these are vertically integrated, allowing Millbrook Healthcare to provide competitive services at better value. This internal betterment and development have been continuing throughout the past year even during the pandemic, when it was incredibly busy supporting its service users. During this time, it also helped the NHS in discharging patients thus decreasing the pressure on hospitals. Looking forward to a lucrative future in 2021 and 2022, Phillip Campling forecasts seeing his company grow into further success. Millbrook Healthcare will be looking to grow within its contract markets, expecting a surge in tenders once the dust of the pandemic has settled, and maintaining optimism regarding further new opportunities in e-commerce. To this end, it has been developing a new business to client solution and expanding its care monitoring centre, which was brought online in March of this year. With the support of an incredible team behind him and the ability to work under pressure, the CEO has every faith that he and his colleagues will continue to thrive in their dynamic industry. Company: Millbrook Healthcare Group Contact: Phillip Campling Website: