Issue 4 2021

12 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 4 2021 , The Team Taking Business Consultancy by Storm A specialist consulting firm working with a myriad of clients on business development, sales outsourcing, and operational support, Fourstone Partners has developed a reputation for excellence. It is the 2020 winner of the Philadelphia 100 Entrepreneurs Forum, the Big Innovation award, and was named an EY Entrepreneur finalist in the same year. It also made its name in the media when it was lauded as the 38th out of 100 fastest growing enterprises in the Philadelphia region. It has developed a unique approach that allows it to stand out amongst its competition, focusing on a collaborative model when it comes to its clients. Fourstone Partners works to develop a rapport and a personable relationship with the client, prioritising practically in its suggestions, and ensuring that its recommendations are as tailor made as they are actionable. To build upon how it operates, Fourstone Partners’ employees each strive to engage with a client in a way that is high energy, high intensity, results driven, and effective. In this way, its efforts optimize its client’s performance across the board, driving them forward towards a better future. To do this, it recognizes the importance of a strong set of internal values. Therefore, Working with can-do attitudes and an unbeatable dedication to helping its clients be the best they can be, Fourstone Partners’ consultancy services are experiencing an ever-increasing rise in demand in its region. Feb21416 as a company, it holds to the principles of integrity, loyalty, honesty, intensity, and practicality, all of which it looks for in new applicants and fosters internally. These have remained unchanged since its founding. Furthermore, its mantras pertinently show what a client can expect when contracting this company; it will leave nothing open to interpretation and will always show rather than tell. By doing this it seeks to cut through the jargon and deliver results over promises. Clear, concise, and lucrative interactions are key, and so it thrives on ensuring that every interaction benefits the person it is working for. Fourstone Partners first and foremost find its clients in the workers’ compensation industry and at every level, for example: payers, managed care companies, and medical providers, to name just a few. Its interactions with such a varied clientele have allowed it to significantly better its solutions, and it takes pride in its ability to assist start-up companies’ entry into workers compensation. Further to this, it has given this ‘leg up’ to 12 different companies, encouraging and supporting them throughout the process and into the next stages of their careers. Hence, alongside the notoriety of its services for clients across the board, it has become especially well known for it attitude towards young companies, bringing them ‘from the idea phase to the revenue phase’. It considers this one of the most rewarding aspects of its business. In tandem with this, each member of its staff is an expert in their field and has a forward-thinking mindset that its clients find refreshing and rewarding to engage with, boasting one of the ‘most knowledgeable teams in the business’. This paired with its practical solutions being the priority focus, it collaborates with its clients through the ideation phase and all the way to implementation. Fourstone Partners has in this way made itself completely accountable for its consultancy advice services. This is a rarity in its industry, and an element that has enhanced the trust between it and its client, ensuring many a return customer