Issue 4 2021

10 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 4 2021 , Feb21312 Next Generation Care When Managing Director Martin Jones established Fusion Care Solutions with the support of four care sector professionals in 2010, it was with a vision to bring the administrative systems of the care sector up to date. Historically, the sector had been slow to adopt new technologies into its operations, favouring paper- based systems that are inefficient and increasingly outdated. Built on years of experience in the long-term care industries and expertise in the development of care specific software, Fusion Care Solutions is an innovative, user-friendly software designed to enhance administration processes in care homes. The cloud-based software offers end-to-end solutions in a single- entry portal through which teams at residential care homes can manage Staffing, Time and Attendance, Resident and Care Planning, and Task Systems. Since its creation over a decade ago, the Fusion platform has continued to evolve to serve its users as effectively as possible. Strong client relationships are consequently of paramount importance to the team at Fusion, in order that the consistent development of its software aligns to the needs and demands of its network of care homes. “Our USP is our ability to develop our product quickly to benefit our clients,” states Martin. As such, Fusion has built a reputation for proactive, reliable and friendly customer support that is dedicated to delivering cutting- Despite being one of the most important industries in the UK today, the care sector remains one of the slowest to adopt new technology into its administrative operations. Founder of Fusion Care Solutions, Martin Jones, tells us howhis company and its innovative cloud- based software is providing amuch-needed update to the industry. edge products. “Our clients know we are there to help and assist in training and support in a timely manner when required,” continues Martin. “Given that currently our sales are doubling year on year, we are confident that we are achieving our vision to bring to the sector a quality product enabling our clients to run highly effective, efficient and profitable care-centric businesses with enduring value.” Martin puts a great deal of that success down to his team. “I can guide and manage but the team has the talent to turn ideas into reality. Many of my staff started working with me over fifteen years ago as young men and women eager to do a great job and they continue to have that work ethic today. “It’s important to have a good working environment,” he continues. “It’s not all about getting your head down, but also enjoying the company of your colleagues, which I firmly believe improves productivity and quality.” As the leader of his business, Martin believes his primary responsibility is to provide a workplace in which people are happy to come to work. He also finds that he is strongest as a leader when he stays true to himself. “Trying to be the manager you aren’t doesn’t fool anyone. I’ve come across this many times in my career and seen the negative impacts it can have on both staff and managers.” The last few years have truly shown the strength of the Fusion team, which has overcome great adversity, not least in the form of Covid-19 and its significant impacts on the care industry. However, Fusion’s quick adjustments to deal with data relating to Covid-19 meant that the firm has seen growth in demand, with those care homes that were still reliant on paper- based systems realising they were not equipped to deal with the modern challenges of the care sector. Fusion has faced other challenges as a SME as well, battling with the influx of larger software companies buying out its competitors and providing them with more funds for marketing. Although Fusion has been approached to sell, Martin made the decision to maintain its position as an SME. “My challenge has been to target the smaller care operators who appreciate our customer-focused offering. This has led to us having a very broad customer base with loyal clients resulting in few customer losses and excellent recurring revenue streams, which in turn increases the value of our business.” As Fusion continues to develop, its focus remains on increasing that value by improving its products with the help of the feedback and regulatory needs of its clients. Having successfully run businesses for more than thirty years, Martin is beginning to turn his attention to finding someone to take over from him at the helm of Fusion in the near future. The perfect candidate is one who will bring fresh enthusiasm and new ideas to the table, and securing the individual who will confidently lead Fusion into the next generation of care will be Martin’s greatest, but most exciting challenge yet. Contact: Martin Jones Company: Fusion Care Solutions Ltd Web Address: