Issue 12 2020

12 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2020 , Better Laboratories for Better Lives LabConnect is the preeminent provider of central laboratory support services for analytically and logistically complex studies such as immuno-oncology, cell and gene therapies, and rare & orphan diseases. The company offers unique and innovative services that have been specifically designed to meet the exacting demands of today’s clinical trials. LabConnect’s worldwide scope of services includes routine and specialized testing, real-time sample tracking, data integration, a biorepository, sample processing, and specialized, scientific functional outsourcing. Leading the evolution in central laboratory services since 2002, these prominent services are customized to fit the unique needs of complex clinical trials. Tom Sellig, the company’s current Chief Executive Officer, was appointed in the third quarter of 2019 and tasked with continuing the success of LabConnect services, the major growth of the company, and implementing several innovations that are leading the evolution of central lab services in finance, IT, and clinical trial support. The company’s mission is to better lives through better central laboratory management services and to be the central lab of choice for investigative sites and sponsors. LabConnect values long- term successful relationships, self/company awareness, passion to excel, creativity, and interconnectedness. The company mission and values are consistent with when it was first established, however, the need for central lab services and solutions has become even more important given the increase in clinical trials and the complexity of testing. Mr. Sellig believes in and espouses the values that LabConnect holds in high esteem and his support of them has resulted in outstanding growth over the time he has been with the company. LabConnect is successful because of a visionary business model, innovative efforts in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, and incredible staff who work extremely hard to realize the company’s full potential and rapid, year over year consistent growth. LabConnect’s key differentiators are the largest network of qualified labs in the world, cutting edge sample tracking technology, and the most extensive list of tests available on the market from one location. The company also offers COVID-19 testing, data integration, and a recently expanded biorepository. In his role as CEO, Tom oversees the development, continuous improvement, and success of these differentiators to ensure clients remain confident and satisfied. LabConnect serves clients in the life sciences, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries, helping researchers manage their clinical trials. The company reaches its audience with a combination of outreach from business development and multi- Oct20813 channel marketing efforts. As a CEO with a sales and marketing background in the pharmaceutical industry, Tom is also able to contribute to these efforts. The company culture is highly collaborative Leadership strives to understand the impact of actions and decisions on fellow employees, the company, clients, and other stakeholders. LabConnect understands that good communication is key to personal and company success. Working toward shared goals, the company maintains a collaborative spirit and seeks clarity and brevity in communications. It believes in developing close, lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders, including fellow employees, clients, and vendors. LabConnect also does the work to understand and anticipate stakeholders’ needs and treat all with respect and appreciation. It values giving the best efforts possible while accepting that mistakes will be made — particularly as the company is constantly seeking to experiment and make small, everyday improvements. Mr. Sellig’s leadership addresses challenges with creativity and understands that solutions may be applied from other companies or even other industries. Since LabConnect is primarily a service-based organization, the staff is fundamental to the company’s success. It has an extensive recruiting and training program to ensure employees understand the importance of their work on the success of clients’ clinical studies and ultimately the patients these products help treat. LabConnect has made great investments in its leadership team and Tom is an example of the industry experience we are employing. In addition, LabConnect has modified the company’s go-to- market model which resulted in a more than 50% sales increase in 2020. LabConnect has two in house recruiters. Applicants apply through many job boards, the most popular are Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn. In- house representatives source candidates through LinkedIn, attend college recruitment events, and work with college career services departments. The company also receives many referrals via employees. Moving forward, recruitment continues to be a major area of interest for this high growth company. Tom is a firm believer that the quality and commitment of the staff continues to ensure our success. There has been a significant increase in the number and complexity of clinical trials over the past few years. Additionally, LabConnect is growing noticeably faster than most of its competitors. Given the increased growth of demand for central lab services and the increasing complexity of clinical studies, the company has had to create even greater scalability in services and capabilities. Today, LabConnect is supporting clinical studies in approximately 70 countries, so it Contact: Jaimy McCarthy Company: LabConnect Web Address: