Issue 12 2020

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2020 13 CEO of the Year, 2020 - the USA has been even more reliant on its service delivery partnerships and the use of technology to meet the ongoing growth. As CEO, it is part of Tom’s job to follow trends in the market and position the company into the best place for it to meet the needs of clients. In this era, that is a challenging task the Mr. Sellig is succeeding at. LabConnect is planning to expand its geographic presence to support global growth and be able to offer even greater consistency for clinical studies around the world. The company is also looking to launch several innovative solutions to improve productivity and offer improved and more comprehensive client services. The company’s unique business model and focus on client satisfaction has enabled it to grow significantly. LabConnect is continually refining its delivery model and business processes to innovate and be able to better serve customers and support growth. For example, the company recently acquired the software rights for its SampleGISTICS™ sample tracking pen technology. This move will allow LabConnect to better customize the tracking and forecasting capabilities and serve a key unmet industry need. In response to the COVID pandemic, Mr. Sellig and the LabConnect executive leadership team focused the organization on three priorities – employee safety, business continuity, and cash preservation. Through a variety of creative solutions and initiatives, the company was able to balance the priorities and as a result experienced record sales and profits. Mr. Sellig commented, “Our team’s intense focus on quality, project execution, and client satisfaction has made a major difference in our business. Customers view LabConnect as a better alternative to other central laboratory service providers and this differentiation is driving significant growth.”