Issue 12 2020

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2020 11 Scalable Security Cervantes also takes pride in his ability to recruit and retain world-class talent to all levels of Corsa, recognizing the need for vastly-experienced personnel to bring together networking and software technologies to achieve Corsa’s revolutionary solutions. Cervantes therefore takes the process of recruitment very seriously, as he explains, “I am constantly on the lookout for experienced top talent that can quickly make an impact on the organization. To this end, I participate in several executive forums in the Silicon Valley and other places in North America, Asia and the Middle East, where we have most of our operations. Of course, I also utilize trusted executive recruiters. “In the selection process I look closely at the candidate’s ability to lead, to get things done, to communicate, and their ability to think strategically, analytically and practically. I look for people who are fact and number driven, but with a strong bias to action.” The result is a team of executives who are each focused on the performance of the platform and business as a whole, as well as their own personal responsibilities, by driving the team’s KPIs. Each executive is also charged with the development and succession planning of their teams, and are additionally prepped as potential CEO successors, to ensure that there is always deep bench of talent at Corsa. In a wider context, the culture of Corsa is warm and supportive, yet at the same time driven by facts and numbers so as to produce excellence and an environment in which people strive to be the best. There are metrics and performance measurements at every level of the organization, so that every individual, be they a leading executive or new intern, can see how they are performing and how this contributes to the overall mission of Corsa. The Corsa team operates on an international scale, with headquarters in Ottawa, Canada that makes the most of the rich, regional networking talent, as well as offices in the US, Spain, Dubai and Delhi, so as to attract more experienced, global technology executive talent. Operating on such an expansive, global scale also means that Corsa is able to serve a vast network of clients across a variety of roles and sectors. Principally, Corsa serves three types of client: first, Managed Security Providers who use the Corsa platform automation module to quickly and easily deploy firewalls-as-a-service to their customers without the need for DevOps resources. Second, are enterprise network security teams who operate several firewalls to protect different segments of their network. They use the Corsa platform firewall automation module to quickly deploy, upgrade, manage and decommission virtual firewalls without downtime or DevOps expense. Finally, Government agencies and Telecom service providers use the Corsa platform firewall scaling module to keep ahead of criminal activity by surveilling large throughputs of encrypted communications. Corsa is therefore designed to be beneficial and functional to a broad spectrum of users and as such, is regularly developed and improved to best serve their clients. Moreover, cyber- security as a sector is becoming increasingly saturated, as well as seeing growing fragmentation in the market. The multitude of new companies entering the market with their new innovations and technology set an exciting precedent for the future of cyber-security, yet at the same time create uncertainty for prospective customers who are left overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices on the market. Corsa is therefore faced with the challenge of making sure they stand out on the market, producing new technologies which leverage networking expertise and virtualization technologies to revolutionize network security in a way that is relevant. Corsa is committed to delivering these technologies with a message that is sharp, unique and consistent, to avoid getting lost in the noise of a busy and promising industry. Contact: Eduardo Cervantes Company: Corsa Security Web Address: