Issue 10 2021

24 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2021 , Aug21263 Heroes Behind Heroes WeShield is an established NewYork-based Artificial Intelligence drivenMedTech company specializing in PPE. It is highly reputable in the wholesale medical sector supplying PPE safety products to GAP, Caesars Entertainment, Hard Rock, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA), WellStar Health Systemandmore. For the company’s invaluable contribution during the pandemic, its CEOMichael Sinensky is awarded CEO of the Year, 2021 - NewYork, the USA. WeShield is an AI-driven MedTech company on track for substantial growth and projecting over $100M revenues for 2021. The company has a powerful, well-structured management team and uses advanced marketing technology to fuel both the company’s operations and continual growth. Michael Sinensky, CEO of WeShield, states, “We were recently acquired by public company Optec International (OTC ticker: OPTI), and I am currently tasked to oversee WeShield’s growth. However, in the future, I will be helping to aid our parent company, which is focused on renewable energy, fuel maximizing, and UVC products.” Its clients are anyone from government divisions and health care organizations to Fortune 500 companies and small ‘mom and pop’ shops. Michael explains, “We service some of the largest institutions in the world, and they choose us because we are agile and able to cater to their daily growing needs for PPE and medical supplies, unlike larger companies that are sometimes too big to adapt. Our unique selling point is that even in a pandemic with supply chains devastated, WeShield can still figure out ways to deliver products needed through our vast network of local distributors.” For WeShield, its teammates are everything to its initial success. “A CEO would be unemployed without the right team,” Michael states, “I am a firm believer in allowing my employees to manage themselves for most of the time and look for self-starters to complement this approach. We are constantly flying the airplane while building it so hiring the right team and allowing them to help build with us is crucial.” Overall, the internal culture in the remote work environment is akin to virtual reality with many zoom meetings, happy hours, and conferences. Michael explains, “I yearn to get back to an office environment that allows us to have more fun while we work with true face-to-face interactions. Just like a happy wife means a happy life; happy teams lead to positive dreams, and success will follow.” With the ebbs and flows of infections when dealing with COVID-19, WeShield’s business was significantly affected at different points, whether there was a lull or a surge of Covid cases. At the beginning of the pandemic, utilizing artificial intelligence technology to market to clients allowed WeShield to succeed wildly where others could not. Michael explains, “As the world got acclimated more to the pandemic and supply came back, our company had to settle in and build an infrastructure to compete for long-term. “Unfortunately, what’s allowed us to succeed at the beginning of the pandemic when the largest suppliers ran out of supply is hurting us now that supply is coming back,” he continues. “Even though we stepped up and provided services to companies when others could not, we found ourselves losing some clients to the largest suppliers simply because of brand loyalty. This is our largest challenge of becoming a true industry leader. We constantly work to create more brand awareness and loyalty which will allow our clients to not leave us for someone larger than us who failed them.” The biggest challenge of being a PPE and medical supply company in a pandemic is finding supply when everyone else is looking for the same thing. Knowing what products people need to find is being used to protect employees and save lives, adding a different kind of stress that is irrelevant to finance. Michael explains, “Much is talked about the first responders and frontline workers who are the heroes of this pandemic story. Well, WeShield is the one that is giving them the tools needed to fight these battles, and that makes my team and I feel tremendous about what we’re doing and the challenges we face.” Furthermore, WeShield is moving from being a medical supply and PPE sales and marketing company into the healthcare industry. WeShield is inking deals that will allow the company to provide mobile healthcare anywhere in the country, including COVID-19 testing, vaccinations, physicals, and general checkups for organizations seeking a healthier work environment. In addition, WeShield expects to expand into the staffing industry for both medical and non-medical staffing. Michael states, “Based on our large network of suppliers, we have launched a group purchasing division called “WeShield Together,” pooling buyers and suppliers together to join our resources to leverage our buying power to save money for our end-users.” Company Name: WeShield CEO Name: Michael Sinensky Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]