Issue 10 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2021 25 , Aug21237 From Zurich with Love. TRIQ Triathlon is a fully dynamic training planner for triathletes; the first app in the world that creates an individual training schedule for all three sports and has the power to adjust each training session in real-time based on the athlete’s recovery status, which TRIQ measures directly via an integrated daily HR scan and personal feedback. If training is missed or personal availability changes, TRIQ automatically adjusts the training schedule and optimizes upcoming sessions to stay on track for the athlete to achieve their race goal. Regarding TRIQ’s internal culture, CEO of SporTTec AG Boris Manhart says, “My personal belief is that shared values and goals are critical to the organization’s success, scalability, and development. Therefore, as soon as the core team was ready, we agreed on the vision, mission, and core values together in several workshops and now live by them. For us, these are honesty and integrity, team spirit, sustainability, determination, and ownership. It is also essential to create an environment where all team members can develop and enjoy their work.” In terms of competitors, providing a dynamic solution that’s truly smart, intuitive and can be used effortlessly in the industry’s eyes is already a differentiator, as many existing training apps feel outdated, cluttered, and confusing. Boris states, “We are trying to fix this in a modern way and go much further by having elite sports TRIQ Triathlon is an app that will be launched later this year by a teamof 21 innovative industry professionals who work out of SporTTec AG in Zurich. TRIQ Triathlon provides the first dynamic training planner for endurance athletes based on powerful machine learning. Boris Manhart, CEO of the Year, 2021 – Switzerland and CEO of SporTTec tells us more. scientists fine-tune our training algorithm and have it learn from each user and get better over time. At the same time, it’s our goal to break this ultra-complex sport down into an app where you can set yourself up to start training based on science within minutes and get condensed key info along the way.” TRIQ’s unique selling point, aside from scheduling triathlon training in a state-of-the-art UX, is the full integration, is the full integration of recovery monitoring and application. Boris explains, “There are other services that monitor recovery. Other services prescribe training. No service combines both. With feedback on muscle soreness, motivation and scanning your finger’s pulse each morning via your phone’s camera, TRIQ’s analysis of heart rate variability and immediate fatigue adjustments to training sessions give triathletes, who are always in danger of overtraining, access to a dimension they never had before.” For TRIQ, it’s all about the team, especially as a start-up, because people make a crucial difference. Boris emphasizes, “For collaboration to work, a team of people must have a similar set of individual values and objectives, and that is why I start with a vision, mission and core values when building a venture. We make sure that the team participates in the recruiting process and has a say or veto rights. In this way, shared values and goals remain valid in the long term, even if the team grows fast. At TRIQ, we are not here for the quick gain but here to build a sustainable, functioning organization where we can all grow and constantly learn. That’s why having a solid basis matters.” As for the future of TRIQ, there is a clear plan regarding its product. Boris explains, “We want to help our customers achieve their goals better with a completely new, dynamic approach. We are convinced that we can accomplish this with the help of the latest sports science, cutting-edge technology, and our outstanding team that covers all aspects to be successful.” In concrete terms, TRIQ will launch in different markets throughout Europe, the USA and build an international user base. Contact Email: [email protected] Contact Name: Boris Manhart Company Name: Triq Triathlon