Issue 10 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2021 23 Invest In The Best Buyback Obligation, Monestro protects its Loan Originators so that they can feel safe in the knowledge that their money is being taken care of. Monestro has formed a monetary reserve to reimburse funds subject to the other conditions of its policy. This reserve is contributed to via Monestro’s own funds. Where voluntary reserve is agreed, Monestro pays 0.33%-0.55% to its reserve fund so that investors can rest assured that they are getting the best out of their interaction with this company. P2P investments can experience many fluctuations over time, alas, resulting in a change in yield and returns for each investor. These changes can be due to economic downturns, crisis, and geopolitical events which are all difficult to judge and almost impossible to predict at the best of times. As the P2P marketplace is a new and fast-growing field that is always adapting, it is important to invest wisely with an educated idea of what the market is like and where it is heading. As this market is so much less risky, with less short-term volatility and less intense than investing in stock that with higher initial capital to get started. By being based in Estonia, Monestro is able to reach the forefront of the digital world. As Estonia leads the digital economy of Europe and the world, it provides Monestro with the perfect environment to flourish and connect with its investors. Although anyone can invest across the globe, being based in Estonia means that Monestro has a great relationship with a leading digital mindset. Not only does Monestro take pride in Estonian roots, but it takes pride in its extremely diverse and inclusive team. The internal culture promotes openness and full transparency for great connections between employers, employees, peers, and customers. It is imperative that each person feels heard and understood and with Monestro’s open nature, it is able to do this for everyone that it works with. Coming from a rich background of experience, CEO Johan Orsingher has now won CEO of the Year 2021 – Tallinn, Estonia, for all of his dedicated hard work with Monestro. Not only has he got a wealth of experience with this company, but he also has a lengthy portfolio of success throughout his career life. Transforming every business that he touches. He is a self- motivated individual that has valuable Legal Tech, FinTech, and aerospace-IT experience alongside his passion for leadership, management and technology. With a background working in LegalTech companies, Johan understands the importance of legal procedures and the ability to sustain business connections. For long-standing and strong relationships, it is important for everyone to be on board with all policies and laws. Johan’s mindset, “Step aside and step back so you can see in 3D”, shows us that he is really focused on finding solutions to potential challenges. By seeing everything in 3D, we can see the whole story and understand how to approach things. Dedicated to building trust, Monestro is doing all it can to enable its investors and Loan Originators to have the best experience possible, and it does this by putting them first for better results. Its new product, launched this May, has helped its customers greatly; the secure payment services act as a safety net that not only minimises risk, but further maximises trust between Monestro and investor. For the future, Monestro aims to continue building the trust between itself and its investors for stronger, longer- lasting relationships that keep individuals coming back. Contact: Sanobia Anwer Email: [email protected] Web Address: