2021 CEO of the Year

CEO MONTHLY / 2021 CEO OF THE YEAR 17 10 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 1 2022 , Turning The Tide To Success! The world of digital services has become essential tomany businesses, but many do not have the resources tomanage this change themselves. The rise of digital managed services providers has become commonplace, but only the best will survive. We take a look at Don Iro, CEO of Allteks, following his triumph as CEO of the Year, 2021 - the United Kingdom to find out more. Launched in 2000, Allteks is a digital managed services provider which has been an invaluable resource to businesses across the UK and beyond. Since those humble beginnings, the Allteks group has grown to include Allteks ltd, Absols ltd (Both providers of IT services) and Hamilton Berkeley Ltd, a digital consultancy practice. With a range of clients in the public and private sectors, it’s little wonder that the team has been able to achieve such amazing success. This success has been due, in no small part, to the tireless efforts of Don Iro. For the last two years, he has guided Allteks to new and greater heights. At the heart of his management style is a trust in the team he has built which allows him to lead from the back, while intervening where necessary. During an incredibly challenging time, he has managed to inspire the staff to thrive both personally and professionally, focusing on what makes them strong and sets them apart. All members of staff are hired for their character and trained afterwards with the skills they need. It’s possible to prepare people for the digital age, but it’s not possible to alter their attitude. Through this careful approach, the team have developed an incredibly positive culture that pervades every project that the team undertakes. The strength of this management model can be seen most clearly through the way in which Allteks has continued to flourish during the COVID-19 pandemic. Needless to say, leading an SME during these unprecedented times has not been easy, but difficult times provide the opportunity for us to prove ourselves. From those first, nervous days, Mr. Iro made the decision that Allteks would be there for their employees that they would be secure no matter what, and that they would also be there for customers. In times of great uncertainty, providing this secure base on which to build was an incredibly important decision. During his tenure, Mr. Iro has made it his mission to focus the talents of his incredible team on the needs of the market. By developing existing relationships, the Allteks team have been able to leverage one of their greatest resources. In the world of digital, solutions are binary in nature. You either get results or you don’t. As partners with their clients who take the time to invest in what they want from a project, Allteks has gained a reputation that is unmatched throughout the industry. Nov21834 Looking ahead, Mr. Iro has developed an organisation which is well on the way to becoming the digital partner of choice for many. By differentiating the Allteks Group’s offerings, growing through a service mindset and acquiring appropriate businesses, the team have been able to achieve great things. With such solid foundations under their feet, 2022 offers the chance for this remarkable organisation to thrive anew. Company: Allteks Contact: Don Iro Web Address: www.allteks.co.uk Email: [email protected]