2021 CEO of the Year

18 CEO MONTHLY / 2021 CEO OF THE YEAR 6 CE M T LY / ISSUE 1 2022 , Families Of The Future Building a family is no easy feat, even in today’s modernworld. For the teamat ARC® Fertility, the aimhas always been to help people through this challenging process with compassionate care. The firm’s CEO, David AdamsonMD has been justly named ‘CEO of the Year 2021 California, USA’ for leading the team to their current success. We take a closer look at the business to discover more. For nearly 25 years, the team at ARC® Fertility have been leading the way when it comes to providing comprehensive care through the challenging and complex field of fertility. For many, a family is all they want and this is a team that has a proven track record of excellence when it comes to providing the quality care and emotional support that is essential during these difficult times. The ARC® Fertility team’s services have long been at the forefront of the direct-toconsumer market. Much of the team’s work is with mid-market sized companies, but they have developed the flexibility to serve customers of any size if required. Employers, and their employees, have found great satisfaction in the team’s ability to provide a comprehensive care navigation platform that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the individual. Using the latest digital technology, the team have developed an inclusive and integrated journey for anyone to use. The program is designed for everyone, with inclusivity at its core. Couples, singles and those who are LGBTQ+ have all found immense value in what the team has to offer. This is because the evidence-based educational material is delivered via Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled chat, website, digital apps and tools, as well as personal communication with ARC’s concierge care navigators. Mixing together the talents of professionals and the latest technologies has been key to securing the team’s success in recent years as the business has grown in size. This growth is built not on purely entrepreneurial lines, but on the scientific expertise of the CEO, Mr. Adamson. Mr Adamson is a Clinical Professor at Stanford University and University of California San Francisco, with over 300 scientific publications to his name. When ARC® Fertility was founded in 1997, he wanted to increase access to fertility care to all. Building on his deep knowledge of the industry, the result has been a team that encompasses the largest, most established and vetted selective national network of boarded reproductive endocrinologists. Each has committed to following national practice and ethics guidelines. For them, the ultimate is care provision is their foremost priority. Over the years, and under Mr. Adamson’s guidance, ARC® Fertility has grown into an incredible resource for employers who need access to this specialist medical care. The team’s approach is incredibly affordable, offering savings of at least 25% over other programs. These savings have not impacted the incredible achievements of the team, with evidence-based care provided by selected physicians provided at all times. Needless to say, their NPS of 89 is no surprise and the team’s clinical outcomes reflect the high standards of all involved. This remarkable achievement is due, in no small part, to the talented team that Mr. Adamson has assembled at every level. To hiring the right people, train them and ensure they have the necessary resources to be successful is no mean feat, but one which has proven vital to the team’s continued success. One of the attributes that Mr. Adamson has instilled in his team is the value of working independently, bringing unique value to the team while also collaborating effectively with everyone else. As a leader, this has ensured that everyone is engaged with ensuring that the best results are achieved throughout the company. This ability to adapt to the needs of the workforce was challenged during the COVID-19 pandemic, with infertility and fertility care services shut down for several months. While restrictions remain, the industry has started up once more, leveraging the incredible digital solutions that have become commonplace over the last couple of years. For employees, the importance of family building has become even clearer over the last few months and more attention than ever before has been placed on the benefits that organizations such as ARC® Fertility bring. For many employers, fertility treatments run the risk of multiple pregnancies, which is why they have not instituted fertility benefits. The package design from ARC® Fertility includes an additional embryo transfer in each package. This encourages two embryo transfers of one embryo each, rather than one transfer with multiple embryos. As a result, ARC clinics are recorded as having a lower multiple pregnancy rate relative to non-ARC clinics. With many different companies currently entering the fertility sector, it’s little wonder that the team has encountered a range of new providers that have significantly more funding. Mr. Adamson has reacted proactively to these new challengers, taking on more responsibility for aspects of execution, whilst delegating to appropriate members of the team who have more expertise. The aforementioned increased interest in family building has allowed the team to develop their employer family building benefits program to unprecedented levels. The success of ARC® Fertility has allowed the team to help tens of thousands of people to build their families. It is a success built on the vision and ideals of Mr. Adamson who has always managed to maintain the highest of standards no matter how large the company has gotten. With future expansion in his sights, it’s clear that he is not slowing down at all. His leading role is likely to be crucial to the ARC® Fertility team holding their position at the forefront of what the industry has to offer. Company: ARC® Fertility Name: David Adamson, MD Email: [email protected] Website: www.arcfertility.com Nov21612