2021 CEO of the Year

16 CEO MONTHLY / 2021 CEO OF THE YEAR CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 1 2022 9 , Dec21083 The Gig Economy The fastest growing workforce on the planet is in the gig economy, but many organisations simply don’t knowhow to tap into this fantastic network of talent. When it comes to benefitting from this newway of work, it pays to turn to a team that understands it. We take a look at Jacobus Troveri, CEO of ten80, and winner of CEOMonthly’s coveted CEO of the Year 2021 for the United Kingdom, to see what the future holds for us all. At the heart of ten80 is a desire to drive global change. For people around the world, the way in which they work is changing and it is beholden on businesses to remain up to date. The gig economy is a key part of this change, allowing people to work on the projects they want to, when they want to. Leading this bold new step into the future is the team from ten80, led by Jacobus Troveri. What Jacobus has done is enabled organisations to better navigate the pandemic, using a technology first approach with a deep focus on data and artificial intelligence. He is disrupting how organisations bring together global teams at a time where speed and trust is everything. He helped grow the UK economy by securing a multitude of clients from various regions including the UK, Benelux, Africa, Middle East and most recently in the Americas. Together with his team, their single-minded focus is to allow people access to work opportunities that they would never have been able to at a time where social structures are increasingly disjointed. A recent survey by Microsoft found that an astonishing 41% of people have considered quitting their jobs in the past 20 months, this should be something that makes every CEO sit up and take stock. The role of software services within businesses is constantly changing. Take the example it is a mission that Jacobus and his team embrace. Jacobus moved into the technology sector in the wake of a successful career in the integrated banking and diversified financial services markets. Having always had an appetite for the challenging the norm and taking the road less travelled, Jacobus joined ten80 with this opportunity in mind. Soon after joining he was appointed as the CEO to help the (then) fledgling organisation ensure that it meets its global potential, especially at a time when global business was coming to terms with the fall-out of the Covid-19 pandemic. Beyond business goals, Jacobus has grown from a young man who wanted to win at all costs to someone who wants to impact people’s lives in a of SAP development. Highly specialised and technical skills are often only required for a certain project and finding staff on this basis is not always easy. Ten80 is a digital marketplace that enables clients to tap into a global talent pool of SAP enterprise software development. Whilst the firm focusses on SAP development right now, there is a real case to broaden the opportunity to others. Jacobus strongly believes that this places his clients at distinct advantage as a result. The gig economy is the world’s fastest growing workforce and is expected to comprise an estimated 50% of the US workforce in the next two years. Validating and assessing ‘gig workers’ is a concern for many companies. How can they trust that the gig workers can do the job? Ten80’s artificial intelligence engine analyses and recommends people based on a multitude of factors, including the likes of industry experience, relevance to the client’s needs, ratings on past projects, and certifications, to name a few. Ten80’s solution can also be used to help remove bias, or to support equity programmes. The need for business to be agile has been showcased by the pandemic, but many companies lack the right tools. Not only have organisations had to pivot to new revenue streams, but they’ve had to accommodate client demand as it has returned. At this evolving time, ten80 has worked with global blue-chip companies to embrace this new thinking and positive manner. His focus is now on how organisations can be more inclusive and allow the ecosystem around them to grow and collaborate better, creating shared value for all. Jacobus is a charismatic leader who encourages diversity and actively seeks out colleagues who support and challenge him. With ten80, Jacobus is disrupting a multibillion-dollar market. We celebrate how under the leadership of Jacobus, the firm has been able to achieve such remarkable success, and his commitment to making a difference on a global scale. Company: ten80 Name: Kim Meredith Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.ten80.group