Issue 9 2020

Welcome to the September issue of CEO Monthly for 2020. As always, every month we endeavour to provide our readers with the latest news and updates from all corners of the business world.

We’re starting to return to more normal proceedings here at CEO Monthly, and we hope that is also reflected in the features we have included in this issue. After all, the world of businesses never truly stops, and that holds true even during global pandemics.

This is especially true for the finance industry, which finds itself as one of the true foundational cornerstones of the professional business landscape. As CEO of iGTB, Manish Maakan has built a legacy defined by a formidable reputation in the banking arena and is now one of the preferred partners for banks when it comes to digital transaction transformation programs. Essentially, Manish is in the business of bettering banking services – a task with sky-high expectations. We spoke with Manish to find out more about his achievements, experience and expertise.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading this issue of CEO Monthly. I hope you stay safe and have a wonderful month ahead. 

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