Issue 8 2021

Welcome to the August issue of CEO Monthly.

As always, CEO Monthly is dedicated to providing the latest news and features across the business world to our readership. By sharing knowledge, insights, expertise and success stories from around the globe, we aim to inspire individuals and promote positivity in a world that is in a constant state of evolution.

In the midst of a busy summer of lockdown easing, (some) travel, vaccine programmes and an Olympic Games to boot, there remains an excitement about the prospect of getting back to work after months of disruption to global economies and working cultures. For many, the lockdowns have been an opportunity to reflect, evolve and innovate and now, these businesses are eager to welcome back customers and clients to see the results of many months of hard work. In this month’s issue, we take a closer look at these businesses as they emerge from the global pandemic stronger than ever.

Our featured company for this month is one that has sought to evolve and innovate since its inception, earning co-Founder, Sajung Yun, the title of CEO of the Year 2021 for Healthcare IT. Predictiv combines academic and business acumen to deliver genomic solutions that ultimately facilitate better health and wellbeing for people across the planet. We find out more about this pioneer of medical innovation.

As ever, we hope you enjoy this month’s issue of CEO Monthly and its success stories of CEOs worldwide, and wish you all the best for the month ahead.

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