Issue 12 2019

CEO Monthly Issue 12 2019 cover

Welcome to the twelfth and final issue of CEO Monthly for 2019. As always, every month we endeavour to provide our readers with the latest news and updates from all corners of the business world.

This year has been a year of uncertainty, change and upheaval. Perhaps most years are, but something certainly felt different this time around. In some ways, 2019 seemed almost restless – if a year could be described as restless. The global economy has seen challenges and overcome them, with a small glint of hope as we move into the new decade. For the world of business, 2019 was a year like any other. Opportunities came and were capitalised on. Difficulties resolved, operations adapting to meet the changing needs of markets.

This month we’ve chosen to spotlight just a couple of the firms who have weathered the 2019 storm better than most and ask them, simply, how? Whether it’s by continuing a long-standing legacy to become one of the UK’s Leading CEOs (like Daniel O’Toole and RMS) or continuous growth and development (like Peter Williams of The Thames Club), these businesses are truly the ones to watch in the new decade. Read on to find out more.

All of the team here at CEO Monthly hope you enjoy this month’s issue. As always, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

See you next year!

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