External Marketing: The Importance of Branding Your Workspace


In the last decade, branding has become a major buzzword. It can drive a company’s success if handled correctly, but many factors play into that outcome. External marketing is critical to launching a new brand and building a reputation in the community, but it’s also important for office spaces.

Read on to discover the importance of branding your workspace and why it relates to external marketing. With these tips, any management team can build a stronger workplace culture that integrates effortlessly with future marketing efforts.

Branding Builds Connection

Traditional external marketing is all about reaching out to new and recurring clients. Email and ad campaigns are just a few ways to do this because they establish a visual connection. When possible, consumers recognize a brand’s name, image or slogan, it becomes a familiar, friendly face that lays the groundwork for trust.

Branding your workspace can do the same with employees. Redesigning interior touches with the company colors, icon and other brand-related motifs make the office a familiar home to everyone who works there. Employees feel more connected with their teams when they’re comfortable.

Connection Strengthens Your Reputation

People who enjoy where they work because it’s a well-designed office space with great team members are a critical part of external marketing. When someone asks them about their job or what they do, they’ll mention what they love about it.

Researchers found that 92% of consumers believe their loved ones’ opinions over commercials or social media ads. That could lead to new long-lasting clients or even employees. Branding your workspace could strengthen your company’s reputation without any external marketing financial assistance.

Employees Value Workplace Identity

There’s a reason sports teams, colleges and other major groups all have clear brand identities — it makes people value them more. Sports fans wear their team’s logo with pride and students plaster their college logo on their laptops. Branding is a visual reminder of what they’re proud to be a part of, making it another critical office space component.

Brand logos are easy to work with in any workplace. Instead of ordering pens that people ultimately lose, management might choose to establish their logo on conference tables so it’s the focal point of every meeting room.

Creating a branded workplace with the company logo is one more way to ensure employee happiness and pride. It also benefits any business in the long run. Happy employees tend to work 13% more productively because they love their surroundings and take pride in contributing to the company’s success.

Clients Want Consistency

The importance of branding your workspace also affects clients almost as directly as external marketing. When they stop by to purchase a product or schedule a service, they’ll see a well-designed office that the company invested in. It promises knowledgeability in the brand’s work and confidence in your values.

Branding your workspace is an immediate business investment that’s a critical part of external marketing. In time, any business can see the positive outcome from both client and employee responses.

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