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Working hard to make advanced automation technologies available to all, Mekkanos is a young company that has quickly made an impact on its market. Fuelled by the drive of CEO Sree Ganesh, its work has brought it notoriety as it helps budding businesses get the software they need to succeed.

A business dedicated to helping other companies achieve their best, Mekkanos works hard to give its clients the leg up they need to take their work to the next level. In this way, Mekkanos is modern company with a contemporary vision and a fresh attitude to its work, transforming businesses using intelligent automation technology, creating industry specific software that will provide leadership solutions and streamline processes. It knows that often lack of good internal processes can be a barrier to further growth. In taking this burden off a client by introducing them to new ‘digital workers’ that take care of specific elements of work for them, its clients can focus on achieving the goals that truly matter.

Now more than ever, in a world still suffering from the impacts of a global pandemic, businesses have been forced to reassess internal workflows and operations. Many have had to pivot to fully online remote working, and many more have experienced significant difficulties with the need for increased onboarding of more staff in this new environment. This is where Mekkanos has been able to step up to the plate. A relatively young company, CEO Sree Ganesh started it at the beginning of 2020, and he has worked hard to grow its client list and support as many businesses as possible through this trying time. The business has benefitted massively from the mind behind its creation, as Sree brought with him his previous experience in developing, implementing and adopting new technologies, as well as the knowledge he gained from earning his degree in Engineering.

He has ensured Mekkanos’ core principle has remained the idea of making streamlining technologies more accessible. Many businesses found themselves constrained by the cost of Mekkanos’ competitors services, unable to divert the funds when revenue streams were already suffering, and Mekkanos saw this. In response, its services have been specifically developed to be good value for money and to help the companies that need it the most. Its eventual goal is to make these new and invaluable organisational automation solutions available to all businesses. This will hugely cut down on human error in places where accuracy matters the most, improving productivity and decreasing costs across the board.

Working with several prestigious partners and with a highly skilled team of people behind it, the CEO ensures all of Mekkanos’ solutions are constantly in upgrade and development, making them the best they can be. It is this consistent competitive mindset that sets Mekkanos apart from the rest, showing that value for money does not mean one has to scrimp on quality. This business has grown exponentially since its inception, with a client list that has quickly expanded, and facilitated securing new bases in the USA, UK, and India. Its services have now also expanded to include visual process automation, conversational process automation, and robotic process automation.

Its biggest clients are in the staffing, healthcare, and cosmetics industries, but this list is also growing. Mekkanos’ team is predominantly young talent with big visions, and all hold an ambition which fuels the company in moving forward, a huge part of what has put it on the map. It also shows no signs of stopping as it moves on from here, with big goals coming up on its road to success that it is in prime position to achieve. Working with its major partners, it will be striving to break into the South-East Asian, North American, and European markets next, updating its existing expertise in everything from RPA and AI to ML and Blockchain. It is also working hard on projects that are soon to be unveiled, such as one combining RPA and Data Modelling to create a seamless Data Relations Engine. As it takes its market segment by storm, Mekkanos is expecting a further 100% growth over the next 12 months, excited to see where this will lead it next.

For further information, please contact Sree Ganesh or visit www.mekkanos.com

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