Issue 10 2018

CEO Monthly October 2018

Welcome to the tenth issue of CEO Monthly, which is dedicated to providing our readers with the latest news and updates from all corners of the business world.

The year so far can be defined by disruption, as leaders from countries across the globe thrive on the back of innovation, and the simple idea of doing things differently. The CEOs in this month’s edition of CEO Monthly can all be defined as disruptors, challenging the norms and traditions of their respective industries. They do things differently. They are better than their competitors and are more efficient and more proactive in their solutions.

On the cover of this month’s issue is Crescent Asia Pte. Ltd, who work tirelessly in the pursuit of perfection. Their success has hinged on their dedication to creating new blends of designs and textures in the decorative and residential markets. We spoke to the firm’s CEO, Sandeep Sharma, to find out more.

Also in this issue, we spotlight the work of Andrew Burgess, who has reimagined the marketing sector for the modern age of business. He believes that marketing agencies and businesses alike have to embrace the power of user-generated content to keep pace with changing consumer needs.

Finally, we spoke to Mike Northall who, as CEO of Horizon Strategic Partners, has provided award-winning mobile healthcare solutions to clinicians around the world. Horizon’s services have amassed over 200,000 users across North America, Australasia, Europe and Africa, with further growth guaranteed in the coming years.

The team here at CEO Monthly hope you enjoy this month’s issue and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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