6 Benefits Your Colleagues Can Enjoy from Team Building in London

London city skyline at sunset, UK

The hustle and bustle of London City life is enjoyed by millions of us across the globe each year. Whether you’re a London native, or you’re looking to take your workforce on a trip away, London is bursting full of team building activities for you and your colleagues to enjoy.

Here are 6 of the fantastic benefits that your workforce can enjoy from team building exercises.


Boost Staff Morale

Partaking in team building exercises can be hugely rewarding for an individual. It helps to increase their motivation whilst creating a nurturing company culture. Momentum is created through the completion of exercise which can make employees feel good about themselves by building their confidence. For an employer, it can give you a great deal of confidence in your team’s ability to work together collaboratively.


Improve Communication

Communication is often seen as a key to success in business. It is vital that your employees feel like they can communicate confidently and effectively with their colleagues. Team building exercises strongly encourage communication between others as often they will need to work together to solve problems and complete tasks. If an activity is fun, it encourages employees to get to know each other better as they are enjoying themselves. You will find in these situations most people can put their differences aside and start to explore what they have in common with one another.


Improved Mental and Physical Health

It is hugely important to prioritise the mental health of your colleagues. If you have a large team, it can be easy for people to slip under the radar, and they may be struggling without having expressed their feelings to you.

Both physical activities and problem-solving activities can be hugely beneficial for an individual’s mental health. Completing challenges can be a helpful boost for confidence and self-esteem. Check out this resource for more information on how you can manage mental health issues in the workplace. Physical activity is also great for clearing an individual’s head space and allowing them to forget about work and enjoy some well-needed socialisation.


Encourage Collaboration

By setting tasks that encourage your team to work together to achieve a goal, you are encouraging them to collaborate with one another. Your employees will realise that each team member has a unique skillset, and they will work together to approach the task from diverse angles. You’ll find some unique London based team building events that can really encourage creativity which will allow your colleagues to utilise these new-found varied skillsets and challenge them to work as a team to succeed.


Enhance Productivity

Increased productivity is the main aim that most employers want to achieve through team building. By encouraging your team to communicate and collaborate effectively with one another, you are decreasing the duplication of effort. Because there is less friction and resistance between colleagues, you will achieve a better output from each member. A happy team is a productive team.


Can Identify Leadership Qualities

Problem solving tasks can be a great way for an employer to identify leadership qualities in team members. They will be able to see who takes control of tasks and how they can communicate effectively with others. For an employer, this can be a useful tactic if you are looking for people to progress in your team and take on more responsibility. It can help you highlight who is more confident than others and this may help you dictate who to put together in a department. You may find it useful to pair up a confident colleague with someone who could benefit from some encouragement and support.

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