Quantifi: Innovation in Fintech


Quantifi: Innovation in Fintech

Quantifi is a FinTech provider of risk, analytics and trading solutions. Led by CEO Rohan Douglas, the firm has achieved incredible success over recent years. We caught up with Rohan to explore the initiatives he has implemented and the techniques he has employed to drive the firm to its current position.

Founded in 2002, Quantifi has over 180 clients across 40 countries including 5 of the 6 largest global banks, 2 of the 3 largest asset managers, leading hedge funds, pension funds, insurers, brokers, clearing members, corporates and other financial institutions.

Rohan has over 25 years’ experience in the global financial industry. Prior to founding Quantifi, he was a Director of Research at Salomon Brothers and Citigroup, where he worked for ten years. He has extensive experience working in credit, interest rate derivatives, emerging markets and global fixed income. Rohan taught as an adjunct professor in the graduate Financial Engineering program at NYU Poly in New York and the Macquarie University Applied Finance Centre in Australia and Singapore. He is also the editor of the book Credit Derivative Strategies by Bloomberg Press.

He founded Quantifi in his attic in New Jersey with the goal of delivering the same sophisticated risk management and analytics used by the largest banks to all market participants. Quantifi has come a long way since then, having expanded its footprint in EMEA, NA and Asia Pacific.

Today Quantifi is a global leader in its field and at the forefront of innovation in the rapidly changing financial markets. The company continues to grow through innovative solutions and initiatives, focusing on building value through recurring revenue streams, all of which is driven from Rohan at the top of the organisation. He explores how he works alongside his team to drive creativity and innovation in this dynamic company.

“As CEO of Quantifi, I am responsible for setting the strategic direction of the company and executing on that strategy. I believe in success through sustainable growth and maintaining a long-term perspective. This results in a focus on adding value for our clients and a significant reinvestment in our employees, our business, and our community.

“Determination, hard work, and a bit of luck are part of any success. As Quantifi has grown, both I and my team have had to adapt and constantly learn new skills. This is reflected at Quantifi by a continual process of adaptation and improvement and a significant reinvestment in our business. I have a great management team who I rely on and our goal is to ensure Quantifi is a successful company – where through collaboration, fun and hard work we can help shape some of the significant transformations currently happening in the financial markets.”

As with any company, the Quantifi employees are vital to the success of the company, and they have helped to support Rohan and ensure that Quantifi is constantly able to support its clients and offer them the service they need. His role as CEO offers Rohan a unique perspective of the firm’s culture, as well as the chance to steer it towards a supportive and collaborative way of working, as he explains.

“At Quantifi, we have created a culture focused on success that encourages innovation and engagement. Our people are at the heart of our business and we value individual intellect as much as teamwork. By collaborating with some of the smartest minds in the industry, our employees have a real opportunity to shape the way in which our clients do business.

“Individual growth is as much a priority as corporate growth and we firmly believe in investing in our people. As a manager, I try to set clear goals and hold people accountable for those goals. I encourage creativity and personal development and focus on getting to the best decisions through meritocracy. Attracting and retaining talented individuals enables Quantifi to exceed its commitment to our clients.”

Ultimately, over the past 16 years Quantifi has achieved incredible success and worked with a wide variety of clients. With regards to the future, Rohan foresees even greater achievement for Quantifi as he proudly concludes.

“Looking ahead, there are transformational changes occurring in the financial markets driven by market changes and technology innovation. As a FinTech company focused on innovation, Quantifi is uniquely positioned to participate in and help shape many of these changes. Building something new is exciting and with a strong, stable, and diversified client base, I am looking forward to continuing to grow Quantifi and deliver ground-breaking solutions for our clients.

“Overall, clients can expect to see some exciting releases from Quantifi over the next year as we continue to apply the latest technology developments to the finance market in innovative and ground-breaking ways.”

Company: Quantifi

Contact: Rohan Douglas

Address: 3rd Floor, 4 Snow Hill, London, EC1A 2DJ, UK

Phone: 020 7248 3593

Website: www.quantifisolutions.com

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