Dispensing Business Excellence in the Ontario Region (WT)


Dispensing Business Excellence in the Ontario Region (WT)

Vendors Choice was created on the back of need for a stalwart in the Canadian vending sector. Earlier this year, Vendors Choice’s President, Stephen Ferritto, was named in CEO Monthly Magazine’s CEO of the Year programme as the Canadian CEO of the Year for 2017.  On the back of this achievement, we profiled Vendors Choice to see how they have become a leading presence in their region.

Operating primarily out of Southern Ontario, Vendors Choice has become one of the region’s leading lights in a sector that has experienced immense growth over the last five years. The vending sector has flourished under a new wave of intense technological development, as innovators look to adapt to the swiftly changing needs and behaviours of their consumers. Equally, on the back of these changing behaviours, consumers are demanding faster and more interactive experiences, to satisfy their need for speed and convenience.

Where others race to stay ahead of these developments, Vendors Choice has found success on the back of a simple mission – to provide the best services, products and machines to their clients. In this, they present a refreshing tonic to the activities of others operating in this industry, a flip-side that has, since their inception, proved to be a winning combination. Indeed, Vendors Choice remain one of the most highly regarded businesses in the sector across Ontario and the rest of eastern Canada, boasting peerless client reviews and testimonials that speak volumes about their skill to exceed expectations.

Moreover, Vendors Choice pledges that 10% of all profits are donated to Shepherd’s Country Haven, a charity for German Shepherd rescues. This is, fundamentally, indicative of the company as a whole. Vendors Choice is a company with a heart at its centre, an understanding of their client’s needs, and how best to do business. It’s a local company for local people. Stephen Ferritto has spearheaded a business that is interested in serving their customers, creating lasting professional partnerships. For the vending industry, which relies on an almost symbiotic relationship between client and provider, this has ensured Vendors Choice enduring success, and will guarantee their success for years to come.

Company: Vendors Choice

Address: 110 E Humber Drive, King City, Ontario, LB 1B6, Canada

Website: vendorschoice.ca

Telephone: 1 416 371 8596

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