Q2 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2020 9 , Restoring the Balance of Power For many businesses today, there are three things that are key for continued distinction and success in any industry; people, product innovation and reliability, and passion. For Italian firmMP Elettronica, these elements are in abundance. In EU Business News’ European Enterprise Awards 2019, the firmwas named as Italy’s Best Electronic Control Systems Design Company. As we reflect on the firm’s success, we find out what has made it into an economic force to be reckoned with across Italy, and the continent. Established thirty five years ago in Italy, MP Elettronica has since grown to become one the continents foremost designers and distributors of controllers for electromagnetic vibrators used across a myriad of industries, including pharma, food, and packaging, amongst others. Just over twenty years ago, in 1998, the firm was certified with ISO 9001:2015 to highlight its impeccable practices in delivering products that consistently meet and exceed customer needs, and statutory and regulatory requirements. The field of electromagnetic vibrators is, in itself, a niche of automation, and providing controllers for that niche can be considered even more so. Nevertheless, it is a role that MP Elettronica approaches with a daily enthusiasm and passion that is hard to rival. Throughout the company’s thirty five-year history, it has produced an extensive range of solid state and frequency controllers, with amps varying between 3A and 70A. By offering such a wide selection of controllers that can be used for a wealth of purposes and industries, MP Elettronica has enabled itself to become a major player for many companies working in the field of automation. Building on the work that has gone before, the firm is not only a major player, but a market leader due to its innovative solutions. As a niche of automation, the field of electromagnetic vibrators may not immediately stand out as one with transferrable technology and skills, but frequency controllers designed by MP Elettronica certainly are. Enabling industry users to maintain stability in power systems, frequency controllers are becoming increasingly popular in the global market, especially as future developments would indicate systems that are connected to the Internet will be capable of communicating with computers at the same time. Engineering is an industry that regularly improves upon its product functions through investing important resources into research and development fields. MP Elettronica follows suite, offering the latest, most up-to-date controller systems for all industry needs. Being based in Europe, and in a country that operates as part of the European Union, opens up an array of opportunities for companies like MP Elettronica, not least for trade agreements with major nations across the continent and the wider world as a whole. As well as exporting 54% of its goods, the firm has an exemplary domestic reputation for delivering high-quality, creative, and technically-brilliant solutions, standing it out against the competition. Offering such a quality service and continuous assistance can only come about from a passionate and enthusiastic workforce; one that is flexible and keen to satisfy any client request. Throughout the company, people are at the heart of everything. Whether it be a customer needing a quick delivery time or response to customer needs, or an employee who is working in a constructively stimulating environment, MP Elettronica continually gets the best results from its outstanding service. In more than thirty five years of exemplary service, the firm’s mission has remained Jan20465 focused on offering high-performance solutions whilst positively impacting customers, collaborators, and the community as a whole. The future is one of continued growth and expansion for the team at this innovative Italian firm. Looking to the areas in which MP Elettronica is not yet present, such as Asia, the firm is working to complete a range of new products that will be showcased to the world at global fairs and exhibition shows. By discovering areas for expansion, the firm is keeping itself busy with opportunities to use creativity, research trends, and deliver new solutions. Ultimately, MP Elettronica is a one-of-a-kind firm, exemplifying what is means to be a European Enterprise Award winner in the world today. Despite offering what some might consider a niche, the firm has experienced success after success, and looks to take that positive mindset into a future that is filled with potential. Contact Details Company: MP Elettronica Contact: Alessandra Marenaci Website: www.mpelettronica.com

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