Q2 2020

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2020 , As customer service expectations continue to rise, the need tomatch this demand with a technological approach becomes more andmore apparent. Focusing their efforts on the software within call and contact center organizations are the talented team fromauthensis AG. Named in the German Business Awards as the Best for Digital Business Communications Solutions 2019, we took a closer look at the company in the light of their success. Despite being a business designed to help businesses, at the heart of authensis is the end-consumer. As customer service standards rise increasingly higher, so does the complexity of the technology used to supply it. authensis is a specialist in this regard, working on the many solutions required to allow businesses to serve customers at their best. The main role of authensis in the customer service food chain is the development of software that can offer a smart solution. This means drawing together the often-heterogeneous systems landscapes that play a role in the process, such as phones, emails and mail, into one system. This means that the IT systems must communicate more closely with each other, enabling employees to more easily meet the demands of the customers. These customers come from every industry, usually being medium-sized companies to corporations. The main product that authensis provide is authensis ACHAT, a suite designed specifically for omnichannel communication. The ACHAT Suite is a system-independent, scalable and modular solution that is the universal solution for modern multimedia contact centers. A holistic approach means that it can be easily adapted to take whatever shape or form that the client needs and its intuitive nature means it can be quickly picked up. This makes for a product that can manage different types of communication in a way that is flexible enough to grow to suit the changing needs of any business. Of course, working in an industry like customer service, it pays to excel in customer service. While the ACHAT Suite provides everything that a business could need, the flexibility can be overwhelming. This means that authensis is always on hand to make sure that clients can get the most use out of it. Tailor-made advice, systems integration, documentation and maintenance is available to meet the requirements Call to Action Dec19449 and specifications of customers. All analyzes start with a customer’s existing infrastructure and works up from this point. As such, the ACHAT Suite can be easily adapted to operate as a turnkey solution from one single source. The authensis ACHAT is able to provide an innovative Automated Call Distribution system and dialler solution for the structured communication of a company, seamlessly tying together and integrating every element of the business process. As the company continues to explore and examine the various communication channels, it will change how it develops in the future. As a medium-sized software company, the process of decision-making that the company must go through are relatively short. Every aspect of an authensis product is completed in-house, making changes and alterations a straightforward process. The team have developed an excellent sales market for their software solutions, taking advantage of the current market to sell their efficient and intuitive product. At the heart of authensis is a hardworking team that, much like its software solutions, is aware of the importance of pulling together. To this end, there is an excellent work ethic revolving around cultivating team spirit and excellent customer service. Through creativity and an excellent performance, they ensure that authensis stays ahead of the competition. Success in the field of communications solutions is not as easy as it sounds. Far from simply solving a problem, businesses must work out what the problem is as well. For authensis, the ability to pull together a company is reflected in its ability to draw together communications methods. It is what has made this business such an incredibly strong performer. Contact Details Company: authensis AG Contact: Stephan Schopf Website: www.authensis.de/en

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