Q2 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2020 13 , Physical Therapy Triumph The importance of maintaining a healthy body has only become more important as time has gone on, and enlisting the help of experts fromall walks of life has become the norm. The value of a good physical therapist cannot be understated, and Remco Idema of eFysio is one of the best, being recognised as Leading Provider of Mobile Physical Therapy Services in EU Business News’ European Enterprise Awards 2019. We look a little closer to find out more. Based in the Netherlands, Remco Idema has made his business into one that is recognised and highly regarded across the industry. With a focus on fixing the problem, not the symptoms, it’s no surprise that he has managed to achieve great things in the last few years. There are many factors that set Remco apart from his competitors, but first and foremost amongst these is the tailored service that he is able to provide his clients with. Over a sixty-minute session, he has proven time and time again that he is able to put problems to rights, with online support, exercises and agenda to ensure that clients are supported continuously. While boasting a broad array of positive reviews, Remco has the confidence to offer his services for the first session free of charge. Coming to your home, it gives all parties the opportunity to get to know each other better. For Remco, this meeting is the chance to understand what complaints his clients have with their bodies, and for the client, it is an opportunity to have the methodology of eFysio explained in depth. This proven method allows everyone to know where they stand. Of course, Remco is aware that physical therapy is not the only solution to a problem, and instead of wasting any time can Jan20309 be trusted to suggest alternative routes that will lead to alleviated pain. This might involve going to see a specialist or a doctor. For many, what Remco is able to offer is the chance to unload a mental burden as well as a physical one. The human body is fundamentally interconnected, and the wellbeing of the body has an enormous impact on the brain. As such, the services that Remco offers can have an incredible effect in a short period of time, breaking vicious circles and allowing people to meet their true potential. Much of this assistance is due to Remco’s own experiences. As an experienced water sportsman, he has an uncanny ability to meet his patients where they are. It is this customer-oriented approach that has brought him and his business such amazing success. Instead of trying to get through as many patients as possible, Remco’s vision is to ensure that the patient has the space to see what has gone wrong and the physiotherapist has the space to find the best possible solution. With this in mind, it is no wonder that he has made such an impact. Of course, the role of physiotherapist has remained consistent, but Remco has found ways in which to revolutionise the practice. His app allows patients to contact him when they want, with various training plans, including videos, that allow them the ultimate freedom to get better at their own pace. It is this approach, one which adapts physiotherapy to be fit for the patient of today, that has proven to be Remco’s success. When thinking about physiotherapy, it is easy to consider it a service that must be worked around, limited to strictly held appointments. Remco’s philosophy places the client at the forefront, making his service unparalleled and his results exceptional. Company: eFysio Contact: Remco Idema

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