Q2 2020

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2020 , Crushing The Collagen Competition Responsible for manufacturing collagen gels and food supplements containing pure collagen in capsule form, Collagen La Pure is not only a dynamically growing brand, but one of the most innovative also. Having won this years’ EU Business News’ award for Best Dietary Supplements Manufacturer - Central Europe, we take a closer look at the products and the innovations that Collagen La Pure has made within the industry, and why it is such a worthy winner. Most people begin to wonder at certain points in life about how they can begin to prevent or reverse the effects of ageing. Determined to stay healthy, remain in good shape, and increase resistance to illness and disease whilst remaining young-looking and vibrant, many people turn to dietary supplements or other biological products such as collagen gels. Achieving these goals does not have to be tricky, and can actually be done using a myriad of different ways. The simplest and most natural consists of leading a healthy lifestyle that is based on a balanced diet and some form of regular physical activity or exercise. However, some people prefer the faster and more spectacular results, with some even turning to the most radical methods available today, such as expensive and invasive surgeries or procedures, designed to disrupt the body’s natural homeostasis. There are other ways, and that is where Collagen La Pure comes in. Collagen La Pure is a dynamically-growing brand, striving for perfection at every stage of working on innovative products within the arena of dietary supplements and collagen gels, amongst other things. Every product that the firm offers are registered as either cosmetics or food supplements, and the manufacturing process is based on its own, proprietary technology. The collagens for its production processes are obtained only from ecologically- reared freshwater fish to ensure the cleanest and most environmentally-friendly methods are used. Taking full care of the details, Collagen La Pure has managed to achieve the highest standards in the development and distribution of its products. These collagens that the firm has supplied have been used by pharmacies, beauty salons, spas, massage therapists, retailers, and hospitality businesses all over the world, and their purposes are just as wide. As well as professional biological regeneration and wellness medicines, the products from Collagen La Pure can also be used as sports medicine, physiotherapy aids, skin ageing combatants, and aesthetic medicines. Collagen La Pure’s gels are high quality transdermal formulations, with the ability to penetrate the skin and stimulate the biosynthesis of the human body’s natural collagen. Carefully-selected freshwater fish originating from organic farms are taken and meticulously used to create collagen of the highest quality and purity to make the firm’s offerings the best on the market. Aiming to effectively, naturally, and non-invasively slow down the ageing body clock of humans, Collagen La Pure’s products can sometimes Mar20374 even go further in reversing the effects it has had. The ongoing monitoring of consumer opinions and scientific findings have confirmed that the firm’s products have comprehensive and holistic therapeutic effects on the human body, regenerating and increasing the resistance of the human body from the inside. This can take a large number of forms, including preventing blood vessels from becoming heavy and brittle, ensuring adequate flexibility to tendons, keeping joins in good condition, helping combat osteoporosis, speeding up the natural wound-healing process, and reducing the effects of injuries. Not only does the products from Collagen La Pure help with the internal aspects of the human body, but also the external and more aesthetic aspects. The suppleness of the skin can be restored, hair can have its shine restored, and nails that have long been neglected can be strengthened once again. However, most importantly, the results that are obtained from using these products are then continuously supported and maintained for the best possible long-term results. Whilst the products are designed for individual customers, there are institutional customers and contractors who come enquiring about Collagen La Pure’s range of products. Many people would love to reduce the effects of ageing whilst bolstering and strengthening their internal systems, but there are few products out there that can work such miracles. Collagen La Pure is one such brand that is proficient in dealing with those miracles, offering long-lasting change through ecologically- sourced and ethically-handled collagen that can make a tangible difference to anyone’s life. Contact: Slawomir Czulak Website: https://collagenlapure.pl/

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