Issue 9 2020

10 CE O MONTHLY / ISSUE 9 2020 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 9 2020 11 , , even more exceptional leader. His work ethic and desire to make the world a better place through digital transformation and automation is only matched by his desire to build a firm that is people-first. As the world becomes infinitely more focused on innovating in data, robotics, and cloud services in the future, Armand and }exghts is already there. The latest product, Targo, replaces management tasks and ensures that in an organizations core system is able to be adopted, with initiatives executed and numbers achieved. This exceptional leader is well-placed to be the best in his industry, and with a focus on raising new talent, his legacy is set to last for a long time yet. Contact: Armand Sullot, CEO Website: Jul20652 Romanian Firm Delivers Remarkable Robotic Solutions Since being established in September 2018, }exghts has been on a mission to help organizations build a data- driven, agile, and lean culture, and therefore gain a competitive advantage when it comes to tackling the challenges of both today and tomorrow. }exghts works with the latest technologies to adopt fast, build fast, and create value fast. It does this by consulting, developing, and supporting innovative data-driven solutions that optimize and automate processes. Additionally, }exghts’ services extends into Marketing. However, none of this would be possible without the visionary leadership and risk-taking innovation from the company’s CEO, Mr Armand Sullot. Armand is a visionary and natural-born leader, having been in management positions since he was in his twenties. Having worked for nineteen years at Microsoft Germany, Armand has developed all the necessary skills to become one of the finest leaders working in such an innovative sector. As CEO of a brand new start-up, Armand brings his wealth of experience working at one of the biggest companies in the world to a new vision; one of building a unique business that The world is rapidlymoving to amore digital era, despite the advancements that have already beenmade in areas such as cloud services, data, and robotic process automation. One of the companies and individuals leading the way in this digital climate is }exghts, and its CEO Armand Sullot. Having been crowned the Best Cloud Services, Data & RPA CEO (Eastern Europe), we had the pleasure of speaking with Armand to learnmore about his firm, his work, and his journey towards becoming one of the industry’s most visionary leaders. is based on creative marketing, digital transformation, and technological innovations. Taking a risk and starting }exghts after being in a place of such security and safety is never easy, but Armand is a true visionary. He saw an opportunity to make the world better, and took it with both hands. Doing so required Armand to take his leadership to a new level, and he rose to the challenge. He brought some mantras into his new work as CEO, and he shared them with us. “If you do things more than twice, automate them. Bring value to everything you do. Permanently develop skill and scope. Marketing will be the new sales” They may be simple mantras, but highly effective. During his tenure at CEO, Armand has made }exghts into a people-first company. He was worked tirelessly to instil an atmosphere of trust and independence within his staff, where everybody is responsible for the success of the company. When presenting work to key individuals both inside and outside of the company, the entire team does so. As such, everyone shares in the success of }exghts, regardless of who achieves it. Everyone works together at }exghts, collaborating for more success under Armand’s outstanding leadership. Viewing his own role as akin to a model inspiring his team, Armand does not control the time that his staff work, but rather the results that they generate. This exceptional leader dedicates himself wholly to advancing innovation, but also supporting the personal and professional development of his staff. Wisdom and astuteness come in many forms, and one that Armand is particularly exceptional at is spotting talent. Not only recognizing talent, Armand is also keen to actively integrate that talent into }exghts as soon as possible, for the benefit of his staff and company. A recent success story involves a student from a local University who was invited to spend two weeks at }exghts. After completing some homework from Armand involving technology she had never used before, the student displayed outstanding work ethic and knowledge. The following morning, she presented that work to Armand, and began working for }exghts the very next day. Armand’s keenness to support his team with talent is second to none, and is matched only by his ability to discover talent. Armand is a truly outstanding innovator and visionary, but an Subscribe to CEO MONTHLY Subscribe here ce