Issue 8 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 8 2023 8 hristina Foxwell decided there must be a better way to get people engaged with their work, and discover their passion for what they do every day. As a senior leader, she recognised the vital importance of delivering effective outcomes through people, and has made it her mission to understand how to align people and performance for better outcomes together. As the CEO for Ignite Purpose, she handpicked a team that can work as a successful interconnected group of people focused on helping to support clients across the world. Ignite Purpose is championing a way of disrupting traditional cultural transformation through its game changing approach to building results through innovation and learning. It feels that shifting mindsets can help to save lives, and create performance definitions with people at the centre. To do this, Ignite is creating a better world, where love is recognised as a bringer of connections within the workplace. It wants love to trump fear in the workplace, promoting psychologically safe places to exist with built-in better mental health practices. Ignite values building a culture of hive performance, which it sees as a key way of encouraging open communication with clients. It is as much committed to developing its own people as it is to influencing others. It knows this is what allows compassion to emerge and create strong communities that get better together. In order to do this credibly, it has a set of 5 aspirational maxims it employs. The first of theses is to be brave. It wants to remind people to show up, do the best they can, work on themselves, own their fears, take chances, and remember that today matters. The second motto is to be a learner. This is to encourage people to remember they don’t fail, they just learn. It wants people to be willing to try and test new things, give and receive honest but kind feedback, and learn to embrace a ‘not yet’ mentality. The third thing to always bear in mind is to be kind. It wants its people to embrace kindness, working on loving themselves first, controlling their inner judge and resisting the blaming/shaming Most Influential CEO 2023 – New South Wales (Performance Improvement Consulting) Ignite Purpose is a human centred performance improvement coaching, training, and consulting practice. Its CEO and founder Christina Foxwell created the company in 2012 as a way to help people find purpose and passion in the work they do. It seeks to equip leaders and teams to turn challenges into opportunities for growth. of others. It encourages its people to show kindness without expecting return. Fourthly, Ignite Purpose instils a value in its people to be accountable. It asks them to do what they say they will, deliver on agreed outcomes, take ownership of their learning and embrace growth. It guides them to remain open to new perspectives, and keep to deadlines. Finally, the value it wants its people to take on board is to be together. It wants them to connect with each other, use their strengths when embracing partnerships, find ways to connect, respect, and engage each other, and always remember it’s everyone’s responsibility to be better together. These values are what makes Ignite successful at working with medium sized organisations to support them in leveraging their own people to be better together. It works with CEOs and executive leaders who want to solve challenges with people in a unique and innovative way. As a boutique consulting firm, Ignite actually lives its philosophy. It doesn’t just educate, it supports full on transformation of people and business culture, in a way that spans beyond the workplace. It’s an industry gamechanger in its approach to engage every single team member, and encourage them to become better together. And with Ignite, of course, it’s not just talk; they can be observed actually living their values. As CEO, Christina’s leadership style has also adjusted to adopt the company values. She was a much more dominant leader in the beginning, but she recognised that the style was not getting the best out of her. Shifting her own mindset has allowed her to release the fears she had about work, and unlocked a much more agile methodology. She no longer holds on to difficulties, and has learnt to be open, peaceful, and more grounded as an executive leader. Qualities that have seen her win Most Influential CEO 2023 – New South Wales (Performance Improvement Consulting). Well done Christina, you and your company really are making such positive advances in the business world. Company: Ignite Purpose Web: Contact Name: Christina Foxwell May23369 C