Issue 8 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 8 2023 7 Jul23542 Based in Krefeld, Germany, Salesation Consulting GmbH delivers holistic sales strategies and solutions to clients with the aim of helping them digitise and scale their companies. The firm was founded by Shonela Grabowski, who has recently won Most Influential Management Consulting CEO in this year’s Most Influential CEO Awards. Salesation is an international company that has two pillars, the first being its agency component and the second being its pure consultancy element. Its overall mission is to introduce scalable processes into businesses, helping clients across multiple locations to become number one in their industry in terms of digital sales and marketing. Many companies lose a significant amount of money every year simply because their sales department is not equipped with the structure, skills, and tools they need to reach their full potential. Salesation & Partner provides clients with its modernised knowledge of sales structures and scaling, enabling them to set their business up to succeed in the years to come. It delivers online or onsite consulting services to help with things like templates and scripts, performance measurement through regular technical sales structure, strategic sales development, and sales execution as required. It can be seen as an experienced and knowledgeable external CSO (Chief Sales Officer) who will successfully lead their sales team into the future. One of the many factors that make Salesation unique is the incredibly fast and efficient way in which its solutions produce results. The firm exclusively supports one to one consulting to enhance the benefits of its services. For example, it offers a “sales bootcamp” that involves two to three days of intense training. This programme is equivalent to six months of consulting with any other firm. Because of this, the company is creating a new market for effective, short-term consulting solutions in sales. Salesation’s team of experts help clients build a sales force that not only succeeds but also exceeds their expectations. Its primary focus is to set goals with clients to determine how they imagine their sales team and what they expect to achieve. The firm then works closely with them to advise them and encourage them to aim high. Working with PLCs (Public Limited Companies), Franchises and companies with multiple branch offices in a multitude of industries, Salesation understands that every company has its own goals and needs. For this reason, it offers tailormade solutions that encompass the entire spectrum of sales development. Whether a client needs the whole package or just a part of it, Salesation is well-equipped to help. Specialising in the field of scalable solutions, Salesation builds on individual concepts that can be applied in every subsidiary. The company is dedicated to moving away from the common market strategies for acquisition, building, and expansion that have been overused in the last decades. They combine new- and old school strategies. To Salesation, marketing is not just a means to an end. Instead, it is a useful tool that can be leveraged to turn dreams into reality. By helping clients to implement their innovative ideas, the company enables them to bring their visions to life whilst incorporating their own personal touch. In this, Salesation is changing the way people think about sales. Shonela Grabowski founded the company in January 2022 with this goal in mind. Since then, Salesation has become the fastest growing international consulting company with a focus on sales. To drive her business to these heights, Shonela has led with extreme ownership, which refers to the idea that leaders must own everything in their world. This means that she takes on responsibility for her team’s failures and setbacks as well as anything else that even remotely affects the company’s achievement of its missions. She then makes it her priority to put things right and ensure that the problem doesn’t occur again. “I have noticed that leaders tend to blame everyone and every circumstance around them, except themselves and their own actions. That’s a battle that needs to be understood and fought every day,” Shonela explains. One’s own ego has to be in check and held back to be able to flourish and grow. Every day I reflect on what I can do to improve and get better because I am responsible for each and every action. “ “ Shonela instils this philosophy in Salesation’s internal culture to ensure that everyone takes responsibility for their actions. She also puts a strong emphasis on customer service, encouraging her staff to put the client and their business above anything else. In hiring, Shonela aims to recruit top talent who will utilise their skills to enable Salesation to reach its goals and missions but also their own goals. She comments, “We only go for A-players who are better in their fields than I am. This way we only attract high performers. All staff complement each other in their areas and strengths.” Operating in the ever-evolving industry of sales, Shonela understands that Salesation can never stand still and settle into its comfort zone. She is constantly innovating to improve the solutions she provides to her customers. In the future, she is building an international branch office, expanding into several new countries, and implementing this sales mentality all over the world. In addition, later this year, Salesation is planning to host a winter sales bootcamp that will take place in an exclusive chalet in the French Alps. The company plans to offer businesses the chance to attend for free through its social media, enabling startups and young founders to access support with their sales development. Shonela adds, “All our founders started young, so it is a matter of the heart for us to support young founders who may not yet have the financial means. We are also planning a fundraising run for Young Founders in 2024.” As a result of her dedication to her clients and the work Salesation does, Shonela has been awarded Most Influential Management Consulting CEO in this year’s Most Influential CEO Awards. We congratulate her on this commendable achievement and wish her the best of luck in the coming years as she works to build Salesation into an international powerhouse. Contact: Shonela Grabowski Company: Salesation Consulting GmbH Web: