Issue 8 2020

8 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 8 2020 , Top Tier Training From Tapiit Formed around the basis of connecting users to a global list of training providers around the world, Tapiit has since diversified into creating new and efficient training through different vehicles and supporting training centres with new applications and systems. The firm’s bookings offers users the ability to search and book all types of maritime training from the world’s largest database of providers in more than forty seven countries. With such an easy to use system, applicants can make swift and cost-effective decisions on available training which links in with their travel and work plans. By working with shipping companies all over the world, Tapiit has been able to bring down training budgets by removing peripheral costs such as travel, accommodation, per diem, and salaries, leaving companies with minimal expenditure based against the cost of a course. Training providers all over the planet are queuing up to use Tapiit and its unique system, given that it allows providers to showcase far more than those other standard marketing vehicles. With Tapiit, providers get access to unique dashboard that show documents such as accreditation, HSE reports, and staff and faculty certifications. Shipping companies and users of the system can have the ability to fully understand a training provider, what they are offering, and how much it will cost. Armed with that knowledge, they can make the key decisions knowing that they have all the information they need to do so. Helping make sure that the clients can access all of this information in the best way possible is Tapiit CEO, Mr Richard Turner. Mr Turner has been the current CEO of Tapiit since just last year, and has already made such an impact on the way the company is addressing the training needs of the maritime industry. Tapiit, under the sage guidance of Mr Turner, has a large and growing database of training suppliers, training centres, learning centres, educational colleges, and academies. Since coming into his new role as CEO, Mr Turner may have made his stamp on the firm by increasing the levels of success, but the core values and mission remain the same as they ever were; to increase training through choice and efficiency, and lowering costs in the process. These core values are at the heart of everything that both Tapiit and Mr Turner are looking to develop, implement, and achieve together. Linking people to more training through new access points, different vehicles, and lower costs will bring about higher competence within any industry and, in most cases, improve a business whilst driving down incidents in the workplace. Tapiit is now considered to be the fastest growing business model in the maritime industry, thanks largely to the sage leadership of Mr Turner and his executive team around him. The success comes from keeping everything simple, and delivering on what it promises. Within the first four months of starting business, Tapiit has clients in twenty eight countries and have since gone even further. Drawing on its truly global database is what makes Tapiit one of the most unique businesses around, with its database matched only by search engine behemoth Google. Within the maritime sphere, the firm has training providers that cover the complete spectrum of training, and its advantage over Google is the ability to find the training, book the training, get cashback on courses, and manage it all through an app in less than two minutes. For those who need to, the app can also be a source of booking travel and accommodation. Within the Tapiit model that Mr Turner and his team has devised, there are three primary types of client. The training provider, who wants to showcase the courses and facility; the individual user of those courses and facilities; and the shipping companies who require the training for their workforces. As one of the most effective and simplest solutions in the maritime training industry, Tapiit’s business model ensures that its culture operates in much the same manner. The workforce is made up of dynamic and empowered individuals who can take a problem, and offer solutions. Everyone works as important individuals making up one collaborative team, from Mr Turner at the top to new entry- level employees just starting out their careers. Mr Turner has spent time on vessels himself, and understands that it takes everyone coming together to help the ship run smooth. Encouraging his employees to work in a modern fashion, Mr Turner empowers his staff to have a flexible week. The staff Mar20394 Working with shipping companies all around the globe to offer them cost-effective choices for training requirements, trading routes, and crewnationalities, Tapiit is an online training and information portal delivering new training solutions to various markets. Steering the ship to its latest success is one of the finest CEOs, and recipient of this years’ CEO of the Year, 2020 – The United Kingdomaward, Mr Richard Turner. As we take a closer look at what Tapiit andMr Turner offer to clients, discover what has made the firm into an industry standard for excellence by which others measure themselves.