Issue 8 2020

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 8 2020 7 CEO Cashing in Success at CASHU Ever since its beginning, right up to the present day, CASHU has aimed to stay one step ahead of everyone else. Having a visionary approach to creating a cashless future has often meant that competitors and clients alike struggle to keep up with the speed of innovation that CASHU displays, but the desire to meet the ever-evolving needs of the MENA people keeps everyone going. Throughout the years, CASHU leadership has instilled a passion in their workforce, ensuring that every member of staff is resolutely focused on continuing the exceptional growth that has come thus far. Fintech is the foundation of the future, and building that foundation in the MENA region requires patience and stamina. Perhaps most importantly however, is that the financial inclusion and digital transformation that CASHU and Mr Suleiman have brought about would not be possible without the support and cooperation of all the influencing parties of every country in the MENA region. From the innovators and entrepreneurs, to the governments and regulators, and the financial institutions themselves, everyone has had a role to play in the genius products that have come about because of CASHU and its team’s innovation. To those yet to invest or take a leap of faith in the MENA region’s fintech industry, CASHU leadership have proven beyond a doubt that now is the perfect time to be a part of something exciting and extraordinary. Company: CASHU Contact: Ala Dawod Website: