Issue 6 2021

12 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 6 2021 , Mar21532 Award-winning SEO Shoreline knows it’s all about quality, not quantity, and it strives to build relationships, not just partnerships. From the beginning of each new project, the company is and remains committed to the objective of generating the greatest impact for its clients. Everyone these days knows how powerful online presence must be for a business to thrive. At Shoreline, its tight-knit and knowledgeable team works to recognise a plan for each client’s particular audience, no matter the size or sector of the company. It can be pretty confusing for a new business owner to grasp the complexity of what all this entails: from paid digital marketing (Google AdWords and Bing Ads) to social media to organic search engine optimisation (SEO), Shoreline understands how daunting the whole process can get. And that’s what it’s there for. Company CEO, Joe is brilliant. He took an idea and turned it into an entire team of some of the best individuals and talent in the industry. Always keeping everyone on top of the latest and greatest and constantly doing whatever is needed for his clients. His famous words are “Our clients built us” and he’s right. He’s a multi-award-winning actor and multi-award-winning entrepreneur who always puts others first. His team and his clients are the first things on his mind every single day: how to As an award-winning Digital Marketing and SEOAgency, ShorelineMedia creates online optimisation plans based on each client’s unique structure. From local small andmedium- sized businesses to nationwide franchises, its ultimate goal is to enhance and grow each client’s online presence. We take a closer look at the firmand its impressive CEO, Joseph Anthony in light of himbeing recognised as Most Influential CEO 2021 – USA. make things better for them, how to grow for them. The quality of the agency and its services all stem around Joe and how he organises every strategy. As the business grows, Joe adds staff to the team as needed, and if there are any issues, he will do what he can to solve them. He leads, but he also teaches. He wants each person to see how the company runs and how grateful it is to have all its customers. He believes in strong leadership to deliver an amazing team, and that’s exactly what Shoreline has. The team truly plays a huge role in the success of the company’s clients. Joe seeks to employ staff who are hungry for success and growth and do not mind working late or getting the client on the phone rather than just emailing them. Staff development is important too, with any training courses that are needed being provided by the company for each employee. Equipment, tools, etc. are all supplied whenever required. The