Issue 4 2021

8 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 4 2021 , Granting a Path to Success The grant and government contracting sector is broken. It’s convoluted and difficult to navigate for even the most experienced of industry players. The teamat Grant Source have found the way forward. Under the stalwart leadership of Allen Thornton, the teamhave achieved the most astonishing levels of success. We take a closer look at this impressive company to find out more. Technology has proven to be the decisive factor in the way that industries operate today. Even the most complex of tasks can be simplified through the use of a technological solution. Nowhere is this truer than in the grant and government contracting industry. The service that Grant Source offers does more than simply find and track grants. It disrupts the way in which the industry has traditionally operated in its entirety. The way it does this is due in no small part to the comprehensive approach that the team have championed over the years. The processes involved make it incredibly easy for customers ranging from large businesses through to non-profits to find, write, track, and manage grants in one platform. Instead of exploring various different options and collating them later, everything that is required can be found in one place. This makes it a much easier system to work within, and has made an enormous difference to the way in which companies work. This simplification of such complex structures was always key not only to the success of the business but to the reasons behind its origin in the first place. Allen Thornton wanted to change the way through massive impact, and opening the doors for companies to take advantage of the opportunities available to them was a key factor in the direction of the business. Companies and organizations that use Grant Source are able to reduce costs, increase revenue, and mitigate risk. At the most basic level, they can save themselves an estimated 60-90% by using one platform as opposed to individual platforms. The app is able to act as a comprehensive source of information for clients so that they know they are receiving data from a place they can trust. Education on how to get the most out of a grant, as well as resources that can assist in the application process can also be found here. It truly is a one-stop- shop when it comes to securing grant applications. Customers find the process of applying for grants considerably streamlined when compared to the hassle of organizing applications for themselves. The team at Grant Source can search for the appropriate Secretary of State and Local County to apply to, as well as filing the applications on the team’s behalf. The team will help clients apply for the essential your D-U-N- N-S number required to receive federal grants too. What Allan and his team are offering is a true revolution in terms of what is being offered to clients. It opens the door to those who need the support the most. Many companies will act as consultants for organizations, exploring the structure and offering potential directions in which a team could go. This is useful to some, but leaves Jan21001 the burden of work on those who don’t really understand the industry at large. What Allen has gone with Grant Source is design a system that specifically offers support. They get their clients where they need to be, when they need to be there. Many customers from many backgrounds turn to Grant Source for help, but the team have thrived through laser- focusing on helping non-profits in major metropolitan areas. These organizations own or rent a building, with at least two years of documented impact and an active 501(c)3 with a mission that will change the world. When Grant Source was designed around having as big an impact as possible, it’s easy to see why the team have turned their attention in this direction. Through helping those who help others, the team have been able to support many people in challenging circumstances. With such a targeted vision, other companies have been taken on, on a case-by-case basis. Not just content with the positioning of Grant Source as an invaluable resource for people who support others, the company has recently turned to colleges and universities for financial support that goes both ways. Being an entrepreneur is something that starts at an early age, but that also requires an enormous amount of support on all sides. Grant Source has been able to position itself so that colleges and universities can sponsor access to the Grant Source platform for their current students and facility. For facilities that have innovative ideas or students that are pushing into new areas of entrepreneurship, there is enormous potential to create a generation that not only has dreams to pursue, but a way of pursuing them. Campuses are the ideal grounds on which to start a career in non-profits, and by working with Grant Source, these organizations can become formalized and receive funding to continue this good work beyond those college walls. The team that Allen has brought together, and leads with aplomb, comes from an incredibly varied background. This diversity of experience has allowed the firm to expand quickly, taking the most successful traits of different industries and applying them to this new situation. Real estate property owners, former grant writers, successful serial entrepreneurs and former executive directors at non- profits have all come to work at Grant Source, able to apply their unique perspectives to the situations that arise. What unites everyone involved is the experience of looking for grants that can be applied to their specific situation. Having been able to secure close to two million dollars for their own non-profits and businesses, it places the team in the ideal position to support others as well. While business grants appear