Issue 4 2019

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 4 2019 5 , Bridgepoint Edu- cation, Inc.’s CEO, Andrew Clark, an- nounced the com- pany is changing its name to Zovio Inc, further advancing the company’s strat- egy and transformation to an education technology services company. Zovio partners with higher education institutions and employers to deliver innovative, personalized solutions and is re- defining education technology. “Today, America has 7 million jobs currently vacant because of a shortage of qualified workers – a skills gap that threatens our coun- try’s competitiveness in a global economy,” said Andrew Clark, CEO. “Zovio will work alongside education institutions, employers, and learners to provide technol- ogy and services differentiated by meaningful insights gained through powerful data and analyt- ics, which will enable our partners to address the skills-to-employ- ment challenge.” Zovio is also relocating its head- quarters to Chandler, Arizona. A 130,000-square-foot energy-effi- cient, open-concept work space, already in development, has been designed to support its unique culture and commitment to inno- vation and growth. “We decided to move our head- quarters to Arizona and the greater Phoenix area because it enables us to tap into local tal- ent, enjoy a favorable business environment, and provide a more reasonable cost of living for our transferring employees with op- portunities for transferring spous- es to find employment,” said Clark. “Our team looks forward to working with local leaders as we move our headquarters and bring jobs to Chandler.” The Boston Break- through Academy announced today that it has launched a training center fo- cused on bringing an invaluable leadership training curriculum for individuals, teams and corpora- tions to Boston. BBA is an organization that is committed and passionate about creating leaders and devel- oping human potential. Their workshops provide people with a set of skills to support them in creating strong, connected and empowered relationships. These tools can be applied to all aspects of their personal and professional lives. For some peo- ple, that means starting their own business. For others, it means having better and more effective communication in their family or touching people’s lives through their many talents and gifts like music, art and dance. “What’s amazing about the workshops we offer at Boston Breakthrough Academy is that they touch a wide range of peo- ple. Whether you’re a visionary who wants to be an entrepreneur and change the world, a mother who wants to be a source of inspiration for her children or an employee who wants to make an impact at their work - this expe- rience gives you the opportunity to elevate yourself so you can reach your goals. It also reveals the common humanity we all share - regardless of what you look like, age or where you come from,” explains Michael Strasner, BBA co-founder and resident trainer. Strasner has been a profession- al coach and trainer for more than 30 years. In this role, he also had the opportunity to build several of his own successful companies across the country. Having been raised in Boston, Michael wants to continue build- ing upon his vision in the city where it all began. Tens of thou- sands of people have participat- ed in his workshops, and BBA is excited to host this extraordinary curriculum in Boston. Zovio to Redefine the Future of Education Technology Zovio to be headquartered in Chandler, AZ. “It is undeniable that Boston is officially the city of champions,” describes Strasner. “Not only our sports teams but our hospitals, colleges, police force, teachers, entrepreneurship community and technology. There is a standard of excellence, a grit, a hard- nosed determination that makes Boston unlike any other city. What you’ll learn and discover in BBA’s workshops will fuel that determination, giving you tan- gible and practical strategies to take your life to the next level.” “My experience with this training is that it transformed the way I look at life, how I react to situ- ations and how I relate to other people,” Shelly Tuxbury, 50, from Groton, Massachusetts, explains. “I had discovered that I’d stopped using my voice and was simply surviving through each day. Now I’m living my life with purpose, speaking with confidence, build- ing stronger relationships and embracing new experiences with joy and enthusiasm.” Past graduates of this unique curriculum have reported the following results: • New perspective on self - 87.5% • Took a risk I otherwise would not have taken - 87.5% • Positive feedback from others - 81.3% • More fulfilling relationships in life - 75% • Improved social connections - 75% • Greater feeling of fulfillment or direction - 68.8% • Increased productivity - 62.5% • Health improvements - 56% • Financial gain - 37.5% “Our biggest possibility is to uncover our true purpose and to live it with shameless passion and enthusiasm. It doesn’t matter what your resume and certificates say. When you learn that you are not defined by the past, successes or failures, you are able to shift your awareness and step into a whole new set of possibilities. With a powerful combination of openness and rigor, you will reach the highest of heights, “ Michael assures.