Issue 2 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 2 2023 30 Winners’ Listings Most Influential Boat Rentals CEO 2023 - South East France Bruno Delahaye SUD PLAISANCE Most Influential Dentistry CEO 2023 - Lazio Claudio Constantinescu LCO - Le Cliniche Odontoiatriche Most Influential Policy Consulting CEO of the Year 2023 - California Ashley Gjøvik Gjovik Consulting, LLC Our consulting firm launched the D&G Center for Megacorporation Reform this year; an advocacy center for human rights, corporate accountability, & anti-corruption work. Most Influential Corporate Innovations Consultancy CEO of the Year 2023 - London Daniel Saunders L Marks Daniel Saunders is the CEO of L Marks. As a technologist, investor and trusted advisor in corporate innovation, he works with global leaders, implementing new technologies and innovative solutions. Most Influential Medical Equipment Manufacturing CEO 2023 - France Marc Julien Diabeloop Most Influential TourismCEO 2023 - Paris Timothée De Roux Alentour The digitalization of leisure activities is a great opportunity for the entire Tourism ecosystem. Our goal is to keep increasing their visibility, to help providers grow and generate more bookings!