Issue 2 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 2 2023 29 Winners’ Listings Most Influential Workplace Solutions CEO 2023 - North East Spain Albert De La Riva Meetaitech Meetaitech boosts the productivity of your workforce by reducing time spent on meetings and improving its performance. Most Influential Strategic Consulting CEO 2023 - Italy Giuseppe Faraci Run2Cloud Most Influential Executive Recruitment CEO 2023 - Italy Alberto Baggini IQM selezione Most Influential Lingerie Brand CEO 2023 - Île-de-France Ilaria Fazio Ma Joie Most Influential Renewable Energy Advisory FirmCEO 2023 - Scotland David Townsend TownRock Energy Most Influential Appointment Setting Services CEO 2023 - England Christian Burton Pipeline Upgrade Most Influential Production Animal Disease Control Development CEO of the Year 2023 - UK David Hallas Eco Animal Health Group Plc Most Influential Automotive CRM Solutions CEO 2023 David Pilo Walcu Most Influential IT Solutions CEO 2023 - NorthWest England Alan Moody M-Hance m-hance is a Microsoft Gold Partner developing, implementing and supporting solutions designed to increase engagement, efficiency, income and security based on market-leading cloud technology.