Issue 12 2021

8 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2021 , Nov20001 When Purpose Meets Innovation, a Small ConsultancyWith a Big Heart With over fifteen years of professional experience working on digital transformation programs, there is no one more ideally suited to ensuring that businesses can thrive than Leona Chauhan. Her work is based on the technical but built on a knowledge of global projects across numerous sectors. When a company invests in the work that Magia does, they invest in one of the best specialist Oracle Partners in the industry. The team at Magia specialise in Oracle Cloud technology to convert complex business requirements into simple-to-use intelligent solutions. Enterprise technology can be complex, and this complexity is fraught with difficulties, as many simply do not know which direction to turn in. Needless to say, by turning to this team, you turn to people who know what they are talking about when it comes to untangling organisational complexity. The result is technology that serves the people who use it, not the other way around. Leona has a lifetime of experience managing the delivery of many projects with teams ranging from the technical Technology is all around us, and embracing innovation is the onlyway to stay on top in this brave newworld.We take a look at Leona Chauhan, CEOatMagia Consulting. Thework of Leona, and her team, has ensured thatmany businesses have found away forward that embraces not only the efficiency gains fromtechnology, but the newpossibilities that technology provides to serve their people, communities and customers. to the functional. Her ability to advise clients on the direction in which they should go is second to none, with strategies that have brought about success in the long run. She employs design thinking techniques to understand the “why” behind the technology being implemented and then helps organisations to reimagine business processes to meet this underlying purpose. Her ultimate goal is to empower people with technology. To Leona’s team, there’s nothing more important than the people who use enterprise technology in their daily digital lives. Businesses don’t need clunky one-off solutions; they need robust agile solutions that adapt to changing circumstances and helps put their people first. One of the areas that Leona and her team specialise in is Oracle Intelligent Advisor, and they are globally recognised specialists in this technology. The solutions developed by Leona and her team help to optimise policy management and decision-making capabilities whilst creating personalised digital experiences. This means that high volume queries can be automated while providing people with an intelligent digital experience, tailored to their exact circumstance. It’s easy to see why people turn to Leona and her team. Their work is exemplary and continues to raise the standard of the industry. With such success behind them, we look forward to what new achievements lie ahead. Company: Magia Consulting Contact: Leona Chauhan Web: