Issue 12 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2021 25 , demand for customer acquisition, provide world-class branding in person and inevitably fuel the momentum to bring life to its client’s goals on a nationwide or global scale. Recently, Generation has expanded, growing their team and their clients and has spiralled a launch of new development opportunities in which the industry will see by 2022. With Roel Mojico leading its dedicated and creative team of individuals, the marketing world has never looked so distinguished. Company Name: Generation Nw Contact Name: Roel Mojico Web Address: Email: roelmojico@generationnorthwest. Oct21300 Marketing the Modern World Roel Mojico, CEO of Generation NW, developed the company intending to bring clients, products or services to the forefront of the market. In doing so, Roel has managed to create one of the fastest-growing direct marketing companies within the UK, and on a global standard, perhaps over the last decade. Roel has experience and insight that allows him to connect well with the market, his peers, and clients while encompassing specific agility and creativity that is limited to many within the industry. Thus, keeping him and his team ahead of the field by showcasing the best there is to offer concerning marketing. Based in Liverpool, Generation is aptly named for the new Generation of innovative marketing techniques and expertise, handled by Roel Mojico and his team, specialising in increasing brand awareness, customer base and market share for clients involved with the company. In doing so, with its exceptional reputation and nationwide excellence within the industry, Generation has been able to provide high-quality customers for some of the most recognised and upcoming brands across the UK. Moreover, due to its ongoing and ever-evolving success, Generation has established one Since its foundation nearly three years ago, GenerationNW’s launch has been one of the fastest evolving direct marketing companies within the UK. Awarded CEO of the Year, Roel Mojico, began Generation as an aim to source customers for clients through B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) marketing events that aren’t confined to one specific platform. of the best correspondences in generating customers directly through communicating in person and on a face-to-face basis. It is truly changing the game of marketing from within the industry with its team of self- motivated and driven individuals under the innovative leadership of Roel. Unfortunately, in today’s modern society, several companies have lost sight of the importance of having a personal rapport with potential new clients, which is precisely how Generation has been able to stay on top of marketing. By building a company on the ethos and vision of connection, the company can use face-to- face interactions as a priority for business, enabling the company to acquire new customers based on this philosophy alone. Thus, Generation can stand out from its competition and go above and beyond by delivering consistent and reliable results through organising private sites and promotional events. All of which can be done through B2B and B2C contact, in which the Generation team can conduct face to face on behalf of clients – allowing the circle of connected marketing to produce unparalleled results. Generation has extensive experience regarding the Generation of quality customers and understands that offering a personalised service provides a much more positive rapport than what is usually found online or through the press. From initial discussion to signing off the t’s and I’s, Generation is able to educate customers on what brands stand for, what products and services are included and will gain a personal understanding of the brand that is being represented. Through Generation’s direct marketing, the company is able to offer instant updates and daily insights to ensure that a campaign is going in the right direction, in which any changes can be made immediately. Thus, allowing a tailored approach to marketing that will enable representatives to feel cared for and respected. Moreover, the company works on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, which means that customers won’t have to pay until goals have been met. An ROI (return on investment) that is a guarantee - an offer that industry professionals do not so customarily provide. Overall, Generation aims to become an extension of its customer’s business to help navigate and achieve the bigger picture for other customers, clients and organisations. In order to be consistent in results, Generation ensures that it will meet the constant increase in